Am enjoying the 25th anniversary of the healing of ulcerative colitis with . . .

Am enjoying the 25th anniversary of the healing of the ulcerative colitis which I had from ages 18-26 and which almost ended my life. Oct. ’84 was when I began my rapid healing via Natural Hygiene, and have been totally free of it, doctors and pills ever since, and thriving and happy at age 51. Life is wonderful!

Celebrated this cool foggy Northern California autumn morning with a breakfast of a luscious juicy mango, then later with a fresh-made glass of grape-celery-vanilla bean juice, then a few fresh silky Barhi dates from from the Date People.  Heaven!

Will visit friend Bill Macdonald today who has over 1,000 apple trees of all varieties on his 10-acre organic orchard, and bring a few of the rarer antique varieties to friend Bradley Saul, founder of Organic Athlete, who recently had a bad fall from his bike and is recovering from a fractured cheek bone.

Friendships are blessed.  Life is sacred.  Time for a walk . . .

In appreciation of Nature’s gifts,

Dr. Dave Klein
Sebastopol, California

Photo by Richard Gambino

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