Vitamin D is reported to be a significant factor in IBD — planning to keep getting yours this winter?

Planning to keep getting your vitamin D this winter to stay healthy & happy?sunshine I just bought rubberized boots so I can go for walks in the muck on my favorite trails all winter and get some sunshine on my body.

Vitamin D is reported to be a significant factor in IBD. The “sunshine vitamin” helps with the assimilation of vitamin A which is vital for reparing mucus membranes in the bowel. Vitamin D also helps blood clotting and nerve function, and it combats depression.

Here’s some advice from colleague Dr. Timothy Trader from my magazine, Vibrance issue no. 3:

Ask the Nutritionists V3

Q: Do glass windows block all of the sun’s essential rays? Why do house plants do well indoors if they get only filtered light? If we can’t get enough sun in the winter, should we take a vitamin D supplement?

Dr. Timothy Trader’s response: Glass windows do block most of the spectrum of the sun’s rays. While not all of the components of the rays have been proven to be beneficial, this does not mean that they are not necessary for life. House plants do not do as well as plants growing outside. Houseplants are essential to our indoor health; they help us by giving us oxygen and cleaning the air of chemicals. Sunlight from windows and some light from the light bulbs at night help. Full spectrum bulbs may help meet your plant’s and your own light needs; however, the best light is obtained outdoors.

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