Lovely day in the California redwoods

Nature walks are so vital for good mental-emotional-physical-spiritual health. Today I took a lovely hike in the redwoods in Occidental.

Always celebrating my second chance at life, this is the 25th anniversary of my healing of severe ulcerative colitis. In 1984, at age 26, I truly did not think I’d live to see my 27th birthday. That’s me now in the 2 photos, 2 months shy of age 52. The close-up portrait photo in the right column is me at age 39.

Does the hygienic vegan diet I teach and live by keep us youthful and healthy? When I began this healthful lifestyle 25 years ago I looked and felt like I was an old man ready for the graveyard, and, with my colon fully ulcerated, my GI MD recommended a colostomy. I chose the self-healing route and my body gratefully healed my sick organ for good in 4 weeks. Over the next few years I diligently worked at rebuilding my body and I completely rejuvenated, and then some. Twently-five years later I am strong, thriving, nutritionally sufficient and life is wonderful.

With proper diet, healthful living and an indomitable spirit, our health is renewable. I’d love the opportunity to teach you and yours how.

Wishing all a healthy and joyous holiday season and New Year!

Dr. Dave Klein

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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