Am I right in saying bananas are the best food for health?

Ripe organic bananas have proven over and over to be the best food for restoring the colon and promoting formed stools and superior health. Some need banana-water or banana-apple-celery juice smoothies in the earliest stage of healing. After healing, everyone one can enjoy and thrive on a diet based in bananas and other sweet organic fruits. Please learn how to eat and heal safely and correctly by reading my Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book. It’s available at my site: Since I healed up the severe ulcerative colitis that nearly ruined me from ages 18-26, I have eaten at least 80,000 bananas and each one has been delicious and oh-so satisfying.

Here are my Aussie friends Freelee with her boyfriend Harley behind the camera (who visited me a few years ago in California) extolling the virtues of bananas and other fruits in the diet:

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