New e-book: “Digestion Perfection”

Digestion Perfection
– The Complete Book of Selecting, Preparing, Combining, Sequencing & Eating Foods Properly For Optimum Digestion & Superior Health

by Drs. T. C. Fry, Herbert M. Shelton, David Klein et al.
(eBook, 116 pp., $9.95)

“Throw away the antacids!” The most complete booklet ever written on food combining, sequencing and healthful eating guidelines answers every question in its 42 sections, showing how to eat your natural diet for perfect digestive health and vitality. The six expert authors deliver the time-tested science behind this vital practice we call “healthful eating.” Includes a food combining chart, recipes, menus, rare insightful sections on how to evolve beyond emotional eating habits, and lots more. Get all of the information you need to live in a clean, energetic, optimally-performing body with no more g.i. troubles! Great health can be yours with a quiet digestive system that works like a dream!

Section Titles:

It’s Powerful Stuff! • Combining Foods Compatibly For Easy Digestion and Great Health • Food Combining For Good Digestion • Food Combining Chart • The Rationale of Food Combining • Food Classification • The Real Cause of Acid Indigestion • The Necessity of Proper Food Combining • Food Combining Rules – Updating, Exceptions • The Protocol of Food Combining • Correctly Combining Starches • Eating Simple Meals for Best Digestion and Nutrition • The Reporter’s Advisor – Health Related Questions – Advice – Answers • Food Combining • Recipes and Menus Utilizing Correct Food Combining • Combining Nuts and Sweet Fruits • How to Combine Tomatoes • Tips on Combining Lettuce • Combining Avocados • Combining Citrus Fruits for Best Digestion • Go For That Lettuce and Celery • Figs For Health • How To Get More Value From Your Foods • Reader Experiences • How to Choose Perfect Fruits and Vegetables • Recipes for Entertaining • The Crux of Food Combining • In What Order You Should Eat Foods? • Food Combining Simplified • How I Overcame an Acid Condition in My Body • Guidelines for Determining the Correct Human Dietary • Is Your Food Digesting or Rotting in Your Gut? • Food Combining for Optimum Digestion • Food Combining Guidelines • Do We Need to Take Digestive Enzymes if Our Digestion is Weak? • Flu Viruses or Combo Abombos? – Discerning the Real Cause of Influenza • Tools for Success Along the Healthful Eating Path • Five Keys to Eating Sweet Fruit Meals • How to Overcome Any Gastric Distress When Beginning Your Natural Diet • Twelve Reasons Why We Overeat and How to Overcome • Getting to the Core of Your Appetites via the Somatic Inquiry


    • Deborah Ganderton
    • January 31st, 2016

    I am trying to get a hold of Digestion Perfection in a book version as I do not have kindle.

    Can you please advise if this is possible.

    Thank you

    • Mike
    • August 20th, 2017

    Hi Dr. Klien,

    None of these book ordering links work. Please advise how to buy your book on Digestion Perfection?


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