White Mulberries: Our Natural Diet is Exquisitely Delightful!

My favorite springtime fruit? It’s not Ranier cherries or strawberries.

It’s white mulberries! I think they’re the best things that show up each spring at the Santa Rosa and Marin farmer’s markets. Light & juicy, they melt in the mouth. The flavor: vanilla super-sweetness — a burst of exquisite delight with each mouthful! Yum!!!!! I enjoyed these from DeSantis Farm in central California for breakfast today.

Becoming and keeping healthy has nothing but delightful perks. The main one is we feel great as we eat Nature’s most delicious and nutritious candies….and Nature pays us back!

Dr. Dave Klein
Digestion Perfection
Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center


  1. Thanks for the networking! -Dr. Dave Klein

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