Chronic Colitis Healed With the Help of a Friend

Chronic Colitis Healed With the Help of a Friend
by Tanya Sodini

As I reflect on my journey through the past few years, I can finally say that the guiding conduits have led me to a place of both mental and physical health. With a new mindset of health, awareness and motivation, I am officially celebrating a new life at the age of 32. As I speak of conduits, I refer most importantly to Dr. David Klein, whose guidance has given me the tools to transform my life though a gradual change to a vegan diet. I am sharing my story not only to speak of my success, but also as a voice of hope for all those who yearn for the chance to live a healthy life.
People commonly view health as a black-and-white state; this cannot account for the dynamics that go with chronic diseases, as I experienced in my battle with colitis. My poor energy, anxiety, and chronic dry eye were all presented to healthcare providers who typically prescribed pills to alleviate my symptoms. Each symptom was treated independently of the others, with complete disregard for the Occam’s Razor concept of simplicity. Living a healthy life means being in a state of wholesomeness on every level, resulting in harmony of both body and mind.

In December 2008, I received a confirmatory diagnosis of chronic colitis. While I was relieved that my problem was not of a more serious nature, a sadness crept into my psyche, since at that time, all I knew was the conventional “wisdom” that colitis was a chronic condition with no known cause or cure. Eventually, I was put on a treatment regimen that involved a prescription for Mesalamine (a medicated foam enema indicated for the treatment of inflammation), the instructions to avoid spicy food, and to call back when I needed a prescriptive refill. With strict adherence to the doctor’s recommendations, my colitis symptoms subsided for what I thought would be forever.

Unfortunately, a few weeks later, my symptoms, which included the false urges associated with an impending bowl movement and rectal bleeding, came back worse than ever before. The intense pain left me paralyzed in fear as I realized that the treatment was no longer working. After hours of research for anything that could give me hope, I had to face the fact that the next medical intervention to treat my colitis would be systemic corticosteroids. That is when I snapped.
Unwilling to put any more pharmaceutical products in my system, I went on a desperate search to find a single soul that could give me hope and tell me that I didn’t have to live with this forever.  Already at my wits’ end, I knew I didn’t want to live this way, and so continued to search for answers, willing to try any rational path that would lead me to health.  After my long, draining search, I came across a colitis web forum where someone had written: “try reading Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s by Dr. David Klein.” Skeptical but desperate, I immediately bought the book. As the proud mother of two daughters, I was willing do anything to be healthy enough to take care of them.

I ordered the book, and as I started reading, I was very encouraged by the philosophy, but then I realized what this man was asking of me. Was this guy crazy? I thought: “He is asking me to change my life in ways I never expected!”
At that point I remembered the promise I made to myself, for my children: “Whatever it takes.” So, I started by immediately stopping all prescription drugs, to the dismay of my skeptical friends and family. I took the chance that all of Dr. Klein’s self-healing teachings were correct, and took the plunge.

With a few setbacks, I have followed the Vegan Healing Diet Plan that Dr. Klein outlined. My moments of weakness were due to the pressure from the people me–they were concerned about my drastic change in diet. Through my time adhering to the diet, I would have moments of doubt. Maybe this book was wrong or maybe it was right but wouldn’t work for me. Was I really going to heal if I followed a diet of fresh fruit and steamed veggies? The principles all made perfect sense, but would I actually experience the self-healing powers of my own body? The answer was an emphatic “YES!”

The diet was working just as Dr. Klein had promised. Cutting out all toxic substances, including salt, has enabled me to heal and become healthy. My only regret is that the journey to health would have happened much sooner, had I not resisted some of Dr. Klein’s teachings due to peer pressure. I think a healthy support system is key to healing—Dr. Klein emphasizes this point in his book.  

Although I am now completely healed, I can tell you that symptomatic relief is only the tip of the iceberg. As I previously mentioned, prior to the onset of colitis, I had a myriad of other health issues. As in the principle of Occam’s Razor, my change in diet was the simple answer to all my questions. I have more energy than I have had in 13 years, and my anxiety and chronic dry eye are both a distant memory. The most important gift I received from reading this book is the gift of knowledge. Colitis has ended up being my blessing in disguise, the means to a greater end in my life. I now have the tools to remain in perpetual good health, and I am in control!

My total healing teaches me the lesson that we do not have to learn the hard way. I implore you not wait until you’re sick until you begin practicing the principles of health.  Prevention via healthful living is the key. And eating right is not just an ideal, but rather a mindset. You have to grasp that your diet and health choices are crucial to your quality of life. Two resounding points that the book stresses are self-healing and enervation. Everyone should stop and evaluate their daily lifestyle, making modifications  to counter and eliminate energy-draining patterns.

Most of us live without the consciousness of how our daily choices and habits affect our health, until we have to “pay the piper” in the form of illness.  In retrospect, I am almost shocked that I didn’t get an even more devastating illness. For starters, I used to take vitamin pills rather than getting the proper nutrition from fruits and vegetables. I didn’t think of food combinations, eating whenever and whatever my heart desired, in any order I pleased. I used to think that symptoms of gastric problems, such as bloating, were a normal part of digestion. My pace of eating was excessively rapid, preventing adequate time for proper digestion enzyme action.

Upon reading what Dr. Klein said about chewing 30 times for each bite of food, I tested myself to see how much of it I was doing at that point. I was not even close—in fact, I seldom chewed even four times! Very pathetic, I know.

Along with the fact that I live in the desert (Las Vegas), my lack of fruit consumption contributed to a constant state of dehydration. My love of salty and processed foods compounded the problem of fluid imbalance. 

Although I could rave on about my glorious new state of health, I will spare you the rest of the details as I am still bemused by the number of bad habits that I had to address to resolve my health issues and reach this point to share my story.

It is the best feeling to be able to close the door on my illness.  Many new doors have opened, following my healing. It’s a bit ironic that I came close to making nutrition my major in college. I feel lucky that I came back to it at what was perhaps the most crucial time in my life. If it were not for the support of Dr. Klein, I would not be here writing my story.

I’m amazed at my luck in stumbling upon this life-changing information. I now know that the vegan diet is the optimum one for true health, and the one we were designed to eat.

Please join me in my celebration and give yourself a second chance at a new life.

Dr. Klein, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I could not have done it without you. Thank you for your book, which has changed thousands of peoples’ lives. You are an inspiration!

    • wendell brown
    • August 3rd, 2010

    First of all I want to congradualate you on a new healthier life.Also I sincirely thank you for your testimonial. I am living with colittis and have been for ten years. I tried everything and even have considered surgery.Im at my witts end and I need help.

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