Planning for a Healthful Thanksgiving

Dear Fellow Health Enthusiast,

I wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday and encourage you to do things you know to be 100% healthful. It’s time to plan your healthful meal and commit to stay on the healthful living path. You can do it and you’ll love yourself because you’ll feel better!

I remember my very first Thanksgiving meal, 26 years ago, just 8 weeks after I began my healing crusade following the vegan diet. My 10 relatives sat down for their traditional meal (you know what that entailed!) and with them I ate only my beautiful, multicolored raw salad with avocado and a plain baked potato. The salad I made was huge — enough for everyone to share — but everyone ignored it! Oh well, I tried!

I enjoyed my first healthy Thanksgiving meal, felt great afterward and my family admired me for it. I was free of the doctors and drugs and everyone was thrilled to see me full of vitality and happy again. When we do the right things for our selves, those around us benefit…maybe not right away, but eventually good things will happen in their lives as they see you do the right thing year after year.

If there is any way I can support you on your health path, please give a shout to

Best to you!

Dr. David Klein
Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Photo credit: Barbara Howard

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