Medicines: The so-called “side effects” are perfumed language for poison effects!

Medicines: The so-called “side effects” are perfumed language for poison effects!
by Dr. T.C. Fry

Americans send trainloads of poisons down their throats and permit themselves to be injected with them. They permit this simply because they are sold on the ideas of “curing” and on “medicines as curing substances.” In the drugstore, these substances are contained in bottles, boxes and flasks, some of which were originally introduced bearing a skull and crossbones. But in the sickroom, they are introduced as “medicines.” Iodine, potassium, mercury, arsenic, quinine, prussic acid, strychnine, aspirin, sulfonamides, antibiotics, cortisone, etc. are labeled poisons in the drugstore, but when put up in ampules or draughts, pills, powders and boxes to be given to the sick, they are no longer labeled as poisons—they are now called “medicines” and are administered to “cure” disease.

The term “medicine” helps to blind the patient as to the true character of the poison being administered as a “cure.” By the physician’s hocus-pocus and tomfoolery, deadly drugs “magically” become lifesaving elixirs. Imagine if physicians were required to be honest and say: “I am going to give you a dose of this poison three times a day. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to switch you to a more powerful poison.” Would you or anyone else continue to patronize physicians? No, you would not! Only by the deception of words, of names, do we accept poisons prescribed for us.

No wonder then that “medicines” have so many “side effects” or “adverse reactions.” Actually, these are the regular poison effects of these drugs called “medicines.” At least 5,000,000 people each year are poisoned so seriously by their physicians that they are hospitalized! At least 200,000 die. The so-called “side effects” are perfumed language for poison effects! People cannot be poisoned into health! Poisons add problems instead of solving them.

To regain health, the ill must be furnished with the materials and influences that enable the body to purify and repair itself. The notion that health can be restored by poisons, even if called “medicines,” is pure nonsense. The idea that diseases can be prevented or overcome by agents that are poisonous to the body is mistaken and produces untold grief. Such beliefs are unworthy of thinking men and women.

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