Healing via Fasting

Healing via Fasting
by Dr. David Klein
Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

When we are not feeling right, our energy and poise are off kilter, our digestion is awry and we are just plain not enjoying life, a water fast of 24-72 hours is usually Nature’s best cure. A water fast is a complete physiological rest while living on only water. Fasting is the absolute most efficient and effective means for the body to catch up on the elimination of harmful wastes (detoxification), regenerate new healthy cells for repairing any damage, restore vital energy, clarify our senses and rebalance our body chemistry for rejuvenating us in mind, body and spirit. There is no more wonderful way to reconnect with our true spiritual self and recapture our joie de vivre than through fasting. Empower yourself: learn how to heal via fasting and you’ll gain the confidence to be your own doctor, avoid the costly and tragic medical trap, extend your life and stay youthful and worry-free.

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