The Two Elements Of Our Meals by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

The Two Elements Of Our Meals
by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
From Superior Nutrition

Properly speaking, a meal consists of two elements: a spiritual and a material food. Since a cheerful tone of mind and joyous associations enable us to not only enjoy our foods more but to digest them better, friendship, mirth, wit, good stories, love and absence of distractions, irritations, bitterness, etc. compose the spiritual essence of a good meal. Fatigue, pain anger, inflammation, fever and other similar emotional and physical states cause the fountains of digestive juices to dry up and the normal movements of the digestive tract to slow down or to be altogether suspended, inviting indigestion, discomfort and poisoning. If there is pain, fever and/or inflammation, miss the meal—miss as many meals as required for these to pass. If fatigued, rest a bit before eating. There is nothing like period of rest and relaxation to restore functional vigor to the tired person. Laughter promotes relaxation and ease. At the table let peace and joy reign supreme.

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