Support Your G.I. Health Quest With Vibrance Magazine

Ongoing educational support and inspiration are vital to keep us going on the healthful living path so that we can maintain a lifetime of vibrant, dis-ease-free gastrointestinal (and general) health and happiness. I publish the digital periodical Vibrance Magazine just for this very purpose. It is considered by thousands worldwide to be the best health magazine in the world. I began it 15 years ago with the title Living Nutrition. The next Vibrance issue, no. 6, will be released in a few days. At 109 pages it’s brimming with enlightening, inspiring, enlivening and empowering information and fun features which I know you’ll love. Below is a sample image of one of the articles I wrote. For more information and to subscribe Vibrance, please visit Avail yourself of the finest health journalism and support your healthful lifestyle with power!

Yours in vibrant health & happiness,

Dr. David Klein
Vibrance Magazine
Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

  1. April 16th, 2011

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