New Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s Testimonials

Dear Health Seeker,

Here are some new testimonials for my Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book and counseling services. I am happy to assist you or yours to new wellness!

David Klein, Ph.D., H.D.
Director, Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

* * *

“I am forever in your debt for helping me to heal after 13 miserable years with severe ulcerative colitis. I would love to meet you some day to thank you in person or would love to call you and say thanks. I thought of the words of Winston Churchill in relation to you: “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.” Here is my healing story from my online journal:

“This journal is the result of a promise I made that once I got well and was free of any sign UC or medication for more than three years I would contribute whatever I could in the hope that it might help others. I sincerely hope it sets you on the path to healing and living a healthy, happy and normal life again.

“This as a factual testimony of what happened to me. After 26 years of perfect health, symptoms of ulcerative colitis began. I was diagnosed after a colonoscopy shortly after turning 27. I suffered with severe UC for the next 13 years before being completely cured.

“I had all the familiar symptoms: bleeding, mucous, the sudden, urgent need to run to the bathroom sometimes more than 20 times a day, excruciating pain, the inability to absorb any nutrients. For a three week period just after I turned 33, I was bedridden and seemed close to death. My weight had dropped to 38 kilograms (around 84 pounds). Add to this the side effects of the combination of medications I was on: Mesasal, prednisone, Prednisol enemas (when I could retain them) and Rhinocort nasal spray.

“The effects of all these medications were: bloating of the face and ankles, weight gain, mood swings with aggression, headaches, oily skin and hot flashes. The long-term use of the medications led to hair loss. My eyesight became so bad I had to have surgery to remove cataracts from both eyes.

“The stress caused by my illness added to stress at work. My inability to have a normal life without knowing where the nearest bathroom was put me in some pretty dark, depressing places.

“Throughout the entire 13 years of my illness one thought guided me and kept me going. I had been very healthy for 26 years and was not prepared to accept the opinions of the experts saying that my condition was genetic or ‘incurable.’ If I was healthy once, I could surely get healthy again.

“The turning point came when I turned 39. I relocated to a new country to begin work with a new company. Assuming I would not have an understanding new employer like I had at my previous workplace, I knew I had to get better in the next six weeks. Along with preparing for my relocation I spent every available second on Google searching for a clue. Finally I found the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack.’

“I came across Dr. David Klein’s Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book and read his entire website. What he wrote made so much sense. The self-healing approach he teaches, known as ‘Natural Hygiene,’ resonated strongly with me. What happened over the next six weeks was miraculous.

“Dr. Klein’s philosophy is underpinned by one core principle: the body, when ill, is always working to return to its natural state of health. What we call “illness” are symptoms, and doctors only treat symptoms while never addressing the causes.

“By supplying the body with appropriate amounts of rest, sunshine, fresh air and, most importantly, natural diet, we can assist it in returning to its natural state of health. Dr. Klein’s book recommends a largely fruit diet. What I did next was pretty hardcore. I’m not suggesting you do it—I’m just stating what I did.

“I stopped taking all medications cold turkey! From what I had read in Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and other sources, they were keeping me sick. Taking something to stop the inflammatory process was merely masking the symptoms.

“For six weeks I completely stopped eating the offending foods listed in the book. I ate bananas with every meal of the day for around three weeks. Sometimes I drank banana smoothies. I also drank water. During the first week my symptoms became worse as my body began ejecting 13 years of toxins, but then it started to heal. After four weeks I felt I had regained about 80 percent of my health. I have stuck with my fruit based-diet of mainly bananas. Since April 2006, I have not been to a doctor for anything.

“The most important things I’ve learned from this whole experience are what Dr. Klein says: 1. the body is always trying to return to a state of health, 2. listen to your body and use common sense, 3. believe you will regain your health, 4. it won’t happen instantly, but 5. if you help your body, it will take care of everything and heal.

“It goes without saying that Dr. David Klein is my hero.”

-Andre L., London, England (2009)

* * *

“I have been meaning to write to you for some now to say thank you for your help. We spoke on the phone in the spring when I was very ill and you advised me to read your book. It may have saved my life. I was in bad shape, unable to eat without vomiting and experiencing diarrhea. I followed your eating plan and within 12 weeks I was healed, strong and healthy again. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful book. I have recommended it to several people who also had digestive problems. And thank you for responding to me when I reached out through the Internet. I was desperate and was truly afraid I might die if I didn’t get help.”

-Dana Raphaelle, Encino, California (2009)

* * *

“It has been almost one year since we first had our consultation regarding my bout with bleeding Crohn’s disease. I now look back at that dark time in amazement. The pain, the dozens of pills, the confusion, the suffering and the darkness of not being able to tell if I would ever feel well without horrible medications or, even worse, surgical procedures were huge and looming over my life. I sometimes wonder how I struggled through it all. I want to tell you that the day my mother ordered your book and the day I met with you were probably some of the most significant times in my life. Enlightenment sometimes comes at a price; but indeed, it was well worth it.

“Since I met you I gave up all pills and medications. In the first month of going in the healing diet I lost 25 pounds. That was tough, because I was still in law school; detoxifying on the lighter diet made it difficult to focus. I struggled with the new diet, yet eventually came to love it. The freshness and crispness of the fresh, ripe fruits, my increased energy and the absence of any pain were amazing. ‘My natural diet’ works, just as you said it would!

“I saw a specialist in San Francisco in May. He was disturbed when I told him how much better I felt after my adopting the new diet. Looking perturbed, he gave me a lecture, which I had been given many times before, to this effect: “You have a disease. You may be ok now, but you will need medicine sometime later. Diet does nothing.” That was the last time I went to a doctor for any sort of routine advice. They can offer me only two things: medicine or surgery. But health…that’s an elusive one.

“I got a second colonoscopy in August of this year and the doctor said everything looked ‘good.’ I wanted an extensive report, but no one from his office called me. That’s how much care the medical establishment gives us. They have time to send me a bill but not to give me the results of a biopsy or even five minutes of phone time to tell me what they saw. I get more attention from my car mechanic! By now, I’m pretty sure the doctor doesn’t even remember me. But, it doesn’t matter—I FEEL GREAT!

“I never take it for granted that I can actually feel good after eating, and I owe it all to you, your book and Natural Hygiene. I also thank you for meeting with my parents and allaying their concerns.

“You are a healer, and I hope people know how important it is that you are there to offer a different alternative to the medicine-and-surgery route. I thank God you were there to offer your experience and wisdom.

“You are doing great work—you are spreading the light of wisdom into the world. Your suffering and healing made my wellness possible, and that of many others, and I thank you for that.”

-Andrzej B., Forestville, California (2009)

* * *

“I am now completely healthy and living an utmost blissful life. I am writing this with a huge smile on my face and my love is overflowing. I am right now feeling a sudden outburst of emotions and gratitude for you. Your book is a masterpiece and the most righteous blueprint for achieving bountiful vibrant health. I hope to see you in future and express my thanks to you. Thanks for the wonderful work, Dave!”

-Manish J., Texas (2009)

* * *

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do to help people such as myself regain their health. I had been suffering with symptoms of Crohn’s since 1999 and saw an endless array of medical doctors. They told me early on that they wouldn’t know what I had unless they cut me open. Many MDs I saw said that g.i. problems, whether Crohn’s or something less severe, were not related to diet. However, using common sense and feeling the difference in my body relative to the foods I ate, I knew this could not possibly be true.

“In college I focused on finance and minored in food science and human nutrition. Learning about the body and how different foods affect it led me to take better care of myself. Although I still ate meat and cooked foods at the time, I felt better; I attributed that to overall better fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

“Returning from college I took a high-stress job and continued to eat foods that weren’t optimal. Every day my energy levels decreased. I even began eating processed junk foods that I had given up in college. My energy levels dropped so much that I had to quit working.

“I went back to see a gastroenterologist. Although I was previously told that I didn’t have Crohn’s, it was now obvious that I did. I was devastated when told I would have to take drugs that would not cure me, just potentially alleviate my symptoms, for the rest of my life. It was disturbing to be told that the origin of my medical condition was not known, there was no cure and I should go on numerous highly lethal drugs which have devastating side effects.

“I briefly took the drugs and did not notice any improvements. Without telling my doctor I stopped taking all drugs and ate a more healthful diet and exercised regularly. When I went back to see the doctor a few months later he said I seemed to be doing better; this he attributed to the drugs he mistakenly assumed I was taking. Afterward, I decided not to return to the doctors and to find another way.

“I began reading books on healing or managing Crohn’s. They all had diets that worked for the author, stating that ‘this diet may not work for you.’ The authors were all pushing products. Being so sick, I reluctantly tried many of those diets and did learn a thing or two. When I finally came across your Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book, everything made sense from the start.

“Just five short months ago I was in so much pain I could not walk 20 yards without doubling over with excruciating stomach pains. At Disney World, ‘The happiest place on Earth,’ I felt as if I would die. For close to a year I could not sleep on my right side because it felt like I had a baseball in my lower intestines. Every time I ate I felt and heard the food scraping through every part of my stomach and intestines. If I would lay down I could literally see my stomach expanding as the food moved through it. One day I would have nonstop diarrhea and the next day I would be so constipated I couldn’t move due to the pain. This went on for close to two hellish years.

“Now, following your program, my stomach is flat, my stools are normal for the first time in eight years, my energy level is soaring and, most importantly, I know I am almost totally healed as the pain is almost nonexistent. Through your work I literally view the world through a new pair of eyes. I truly thank you for your help and generosity.

“Taking a different path in life, I am currently going to paramedic school and am learning a lot. I get hands-on experience with people who suffer all types of really debilitating diseases. It is sad to know that many could greatly improve the quality of their lives by changing small but significant dietary habits. Paramedic students learn a lot about different drugs and most diseases but nothing about a cure or prevention. With the amount of suffering I see, I believe it is well worth it to have an all-around healthy lifestyle, as sooner or later the pain and agony of disease will affect us if we don’t.

“The physical pain that I felt for years with Crohn’s was devastating. Since I have had the good fortune of receiving your counseling not only do I have and vitality every day but I also have a renewed sense of life and happiness that I thought I had lost for good. I will always be thankful and amazed at just how knowledgeable you are, Dr. Klein. Thank you!”

-George G., Florida (2009)

* * *

“I have been living with Crohn’s for over 15 years since my late teens. In February of this year I had my first colonoscopy in over ten years. In March I received the results. My gastroenterologist said he didn’t understand how I looked so healthy. He told me that my small intestine was so severely inflamed and ulcerated that he could not complete the exam. He also said I should be anemic and vomiting every time I ate. I had learned to deal with my pain and discomfort by staying present most of the time and always being aware of the location of the nearest toilet.

“I was booked for a CT scan to get a better picture of the extent of my disease. Then a friend gave me a copy of your book and I started your diet the following day. The symptoms persisted during the first three weeks of adjustment; however, I stuck with it. By the fourth week my symptoms were easing. In the sixth week my bowel movements became normal and have continued this way.

“Four weeks after starting the healing diet I had the CT scan. Reviewing the report, my gastroenterologist said he didn’t understand—by bowel looked really good and the inflammation was almost gone! He was somewhat supportive but worried about my weight loss from the detox. I told him how amazing I feel and how my energy level is great.

“No bleeding! No cramping! No bloating! No pain! No mucus! I am convinced that the disease is gone.

“I can not say thank you enough. You have truly changed my life. My wife thanks you as well.”

-Rodney D., Vancouver, Canada (2009)

* * *

“I’m feeling great today and I was finally able to move my bowels. Everything is wonderful right now. I swear, your book belongs on the Wikipedia page for IBD. Nothing but love and praises for you!”

-Dylan E., Tahoe City, California (2010)

* * *

“I was diagnosed with UC and bought Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s at end of May, 2010. I had eaten an unhealthy vegetarian diet up until that time. I read your book three times and after strictly applying everything you advise I am now healed. Not all of my energy is back yet, but I’m out of bed and preparing the healthy food for both my husband and myself. I threw away the horrible medicine I was handed, lost 20 pounds of morbid fat and feel wonderful. Thank you.”

-Paulette W. Auburn, California (2010)

* * *

“As I reflect on my journey through the past few years, I can finally say that the guiding conduits have led me to a place of both mental and physical health. With a new mindset of health, awareness and motivation I am officially celebrating a new life at the age of 32. As I speak of conduits, I refer most importantly to Dr. David Klein, whose guidance has given me the tools to transform my life though a gradual change to a vegan diet. I am sharing my story not only to speak of my success, but also to offer a voice of hope for all those who yearn for the chance to live a healthy life.

“People commonly view health as a black-and-white state; this cannot account for the dynamics that go with chronic diseases, as I experienced in my battle with colitis. My poor energy, anxiety and chronic dry eye were all presented to healthcare providers who typically prescribed pills to alleviate my symptoms. Each symptom was treated independently of the others with complete disregard for the Occam’s Razor concept of simplicity. Living a healthy life means being in a state of wholeness on every level, resulting in harmony of both body and mind.

“In December 2008, I received a confirmatory diagnosis of chronic colitis. While I was relieved that my problem was not of a more serious nature, a sadness crept into my psyche, since at that time I was was told that colitis is a chronic condition with no known cause or cure. I was put on a treatment regimen that involved a prescription for Mesalamine and was given instructions to avoid spicy food. I was told to call back when I needed a prescriptive refill. With strict adherence to the doctor’s recommendations my colitis symptoms subsided for what I thought would be forever.

“A few weeks later, my symptoms, which included the false bowel movement urges, came back worse than ever before. The intense pain left me paralyzed in fear as I realized that the treatment was no longer working. After hours of searching for anything that could give me hope, I had to face the fact that the next medical intervention to treat my colitis would be systemic corticosteroids. That is when I snapped.

“Unwilling to put any more pharmaceutical products in my system, I went on a desperate search to find anyone who could give me hope. I was willing to try any rational path that would lead me to health. After a long, draining search I came across a colitis web forum where someone had written “try reading Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s by Dr. David Klein.” Skeptical but desperate, I immediately bought the book. As the proud mother of two daughters I was willing do anything to be healthy so I could take care of them.

“I ordered the book and was very encouraged by the philosophy, but then I realized what Dr. Klein was teaching. Was this guy crazy?—he was asking me to change my life in ways I never expected!

“At that point I remembered the promise I made to myself for my children: ‘Whatever it takes.’ So, taking the chance that all of Dr. Klein’s self-healing teachings were correct, I took the plunge and immediately stopped all prescription drugs, to the dismay of my skeptical friends and family.

“With a few setbacks I followed the Vegan Healing Diet Plan. I had moments of weakness stemming from the pressure of family and friends who were concerned about my drastic dietary changes. I also had my own moments of doubt, thinking maybe this book was wrong or maybe it was right but wouldn’t work for me. Was I really going to heal if I followed a diet of fresh fruit and steamed veggies? The principles all made perfect sense, but would I actually exploit the self-healing powers of my own body? The answer was an emphatic ‘YES!’

“The diet was working just as Dr. Klein had promised. Cutting out all toxic substances, including salt, enabled me to heal and become healthy.

“Although I am now completely healed, I can tell you that symptomatic relief is only the tip of the iceberg. As I previously mentioned, prior to the onset of colitis I had a myriad of other health issues. As in the principle of Occam’s Razor, my change in diet was the simple answer to all my problems. I have more energy than I have had in 13 years and my anxiety and chronic dry eye are both a distant memory. The most important gift I received from reading this book is that of knowledge. The colitis was a blessing in disguise, the means to a greater end in my life. I now have the tools to remain in perpetual good health, and I am now in control!

“Although I could rave on about my glorious new state of health, I will spare you the rest of the details. I am still bemused by the number of bad habits that I had to address to resolve my health issues and reach this point of confidently sharing my story.

“It is the best feeling to be able to close the door on my illness. Many new doors have opened, following my healing. It’s a bit ironic that I came close to majoring in nutrition in college. I feel lucky that I came back to it at what was perhaps the most crucial time in my life. If it were not for the support of Dr. Klein, I would not be here writing my story.

“I’m amazed at my luck in stumbling upon this life-changing information. I now know that the vegan diet is the optimum one for true health and the one we were designed to eat.

“Dr. Klein, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I could not have done it without you. Thank you for your book, which has changed thousands of peoples’ lives. You are an inspiration!”

-Tanya Sodini, Las Vegas, Nevada (2010)

* * *

“It’s amazing Dave, truly amazing. I am putting on weight! The body truly is self-healing! All this time I’ve been doubting and not too sure, but what I have learned and achieved is nothing short of amazing. I still have my green juice in the morning and can’t imagine starting the day with tea or coffee, the idea is so repulsive. I love salads and vegetables and I am not interested in cooked food. It’s strange how after you heal you don’t have cravings, but throughout the healing phase cooked food was all I craved.

“I have enjoyed getting to know you and hope we can stay in touch. Big kisses and big hugs to you!”

-Emma Kaid, London, England (2010)

* * *

The following is an article which appeared in Dr. Klein’s 6th issue of Vibrance magazine:

Healing Colitis the Only Way: The Natural Way
by Emma Kaid

I have always been slim and, I thought, a healthy-looking individual. I enjoyed eating well, going to the gym and drinking plenty of water. I thought I was doing all the right things for my health. So when I was diagnosed with colitis in 2009 it really shocked me to the core.
It began as diarrhea and loose stools. This went on for about nine months. I was pregnant at the timmy problems would clear up after the delivery. Five months after the birth I started experiencing some mucus, then there was blood and then four to five bowel movements a day, sometimes with blood, mucus and diarrhea. Oddly, I had no pain and otherwise felt quite well.
I was frustrated and scared. I was now a sick person with a medical condition which prevented me from working at my job. I wasn’t used to being sick; I never got colds, tummy ‘bugs’ or anything. But now I was facing a chronic disease and a dependency on medication.
The doctors told me it was “genetic.” “But we have a large family,” I said. “I know everyone, even both sets of grandparents, and I even knew my great grandparents, aunts and uncles—no one has or had colitis. I don’t even know anyone who has died of cancer in my family, so it can’t be genetic.” The doctor said: “You have a chronic disease—you need to take this medication and manage it”.

Armed with my meds I went home confused about the reason for my condition, but relieved I didn’t have cancer! I thought all I needed to do was take this medicine and everything would be back to normal. How wrong I was!
Managing the Illusion of Normalcy

I worked at a high profile job in the city of London, England. I had just had my third child. My husband worked away from home and only returned on weekends. There was a lot of pressure and stress in my life. Looking back I realized I was exhausted—I was constantly on the go and under both physical and mental stress. I was always busy planning, thinking ahead, sorting out this and that. As a result, I was irritable, stressed, a bag of nervous energy. I had carried on this way for so long that it became my “normal” state. 

I didn’t know how to slow down. I considered myself a healthy eater because I rarely ate processed food, never had “fizzy drinks,” didn’t smoke, never ate fast food and always made “good” home-cooked food with a healthy portion of green vegetables or salad. So what was I doing wrong?
I took the medication for several months and, with everything seemingly under control, I resumed my “normal” life. My husband said: “Don’t worry Emma, you can still live your life—you just have to make sure you take the medication.” “Great,” I thought with a heavy sigh. I don’t like taking medicine. Previously, I wouldn’t even take an aspirin for a headache.

After four months on steroid enemas they stopped “working” and the colitis symptoms came back. The doctor then prescribed an immunosuppressant and told me to continue with both medications. In a panic, I picked up the immunosuppressant but I never took it. Something told me it was all wrong; the medicine, the condition—they didn’t make sense. Yet, intuitively I felt there was an answer and I was determined to find it.

Seeking and Finding the Solution

I began reading Web forums for people with colitis. A lot of people were really suffering, and I was one of them. But the information I found was all about medication; there didn’t seem to be any alternatives. I couldn’t accept disease as way of life.

I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk. I was very low in energy and on the toilet five to six times a day with diarrhea, blood and mucus. Going out, doing chores or taking my children to the park—simple things I’d taken for granted—became impossible. I was a prisoner in my home.

One day on a forum I read a message from a man who said he had recovered from colitis via juicing and a rawfood diet. There was something special about his post—these key words stood out to me: “fruits,” “vegetables,” “detox.” When I contacted him for more information, he replied: “It’s all in the book.” “What book?” I asked. “Self-Healing Colitis & Crohn’s, he answered.”

Afterward, without an explanation, the forum administrators disabled his account and deleted his posts which detailed his experiences and references to the book. Apparently, he was deemed too radical and dangerous! He posted one last time under an alternate username with the hope of helping more people, not knowing that he had already helped one—me!
I bought the book, authored by Dr. David Klein. The day it arrived I read it from cover to cover. It made perfect sense!

Taking the Self-Healing Plunge

I decided to make the diet transition slowly. At first I went vegetarian and cut out tea, coffee, milk and dairy. Then I replaced breakfast with juice, then slowly replaced a cooked lunch with a banana smoothie containing celery juice and dates. Eventually, dinner became steamed vegetables. But I didn’t see any improvements. In fact, I felt worse. A rash appeared on my legs, I got ulcers in my mouth and a lump on my eye. I was in a very bad way and was still on the medication. So, I decided to consult Dr. Klein.

He reinforced the obvious, saying “the meds aren’t helping you,” and encouraged me to continue detoxing. So I went off of the meds, but the symptoms worsened. I was scared and worried on this unorthodox healing path. There was a lot of blood in the toilet and I was very weak. Just making juice was a drain on my energy.

I ended up staying in bed all day, developed a fever with chills and felt so emotional I couldn’t stop crying. My food cravings were unbearable. A few times I slipped off of the book’s “Vegan Healing Diet Plan.” Yet, Dr. Klein was confident as he explained: “Your body is detoxing and the toxins must come out—keep going and let’s modify your dietary routine a bit to help relieve your symptoms.” I was beginning to feel a bit skeptical and wondered when my symptoms would finally cease, but I decided to continue.

I began the day with a few glasses of water followed by a “green juice” of apples, romaine lettuce and celery. I waited a while and followed that with a melon smoothie. Lunch was always a banana smoothie with celery juice and dates. Sometimes I had carrot juice in the afternoon with some barley grass powder. Dinner was usually steamed potatoes and zucchini. Sometimes I made soups of sweet potatoes and carrots or sweet potatoes and squash.

After being on this diet for a while I decided to get some blood tests. To my amazement, my iron levels had risen and everything was normal! I also checked my vitamin D level and this was extremely low. It was winter in England—how was I going to get sunshine? I started using a sun bed for six minutes, twice a week.

I was extremely scared, as my weight had dropped from 126 to 84 pounds. I am 5-foot 5-inches tall and I looked awful. The doctor who took the blood test samples thought I had anorexia. When I tried to explain, she became convinced I was trying to cover up an eating disorder. 

My Diligence Pays Off: Healing!

After 12 difficult weeks the diarrhea finally stopped; my stools were now formed. There was still blood, but I was encouraged that it was decreasing. I saw other improvements; I was experiencing interesting and welcome changes: liver spots on my face disappeared, I was sleeping better and I felt less irritable, more loving and calm.

I asked Dr. Klein to put me in contact with a few other clients who were going through or had gone through nearly the same experiences. Their support was amazing! The strength I gained from being able to communicate and share with these people was so important. Their encouragement was essential.
As Dr. Klein says in his book, diet isn’t everything; it is just one important factor. So I saw an osteopathic doctor to work on straightening my back. I didn’t think it was particularly twisted—I seemed to stand quite erect. I had a few kinks straightened out, took up yoga and learned to stretch and breathe properly. Up until then I never thought I needed to see a therapist; however, I felt emotional and vulnerable. Therapy helped.
A New Life Of Health

Everything seemed to gradually fall into place. All colitis symptoms diminished and were resolving. I was now having two to three bowel movements per day and at least two of those contained no blood. Eventually, that reduced to just two bowel movements per day with no blood. I felt better, my energy came back, I looked good and eventually I exclaimed to myself: “Wow, I’m healed!”

I couldn’t wait to eat a salad after all that juicing. In two weeks my weight went from 84 to to 92 pounds. Over the next three months my weight went up to my current 112 pounds, which feels just right.

My energy is amazing now and my skin looks beautiful. My vitamin D level rose to normal and I stopped the sun bed treatments. Because of the detoxification my hair had become very thin; however, its thickness is coming back. I continue to enjoy yoga twice a week and it’s been incredibly beneficial. Just breathing correctly feels so good!

I eventually returned to work, eight months after my healing. I was taken aback by my co-workers’ unhealthy and overweight appearances when I first walked into the office again.  During meetings everyone has their bottle of cola or a large cup of coffee, and some help themselves to a large packet of biscuits sitting on the table. My colleagues say: “Don’t bother offering any to Emma—she’s too healthy.” I just smile. In fact I smile a lot these days!

* * *

“I just ordered another paperback for my Mom back in the States and will probably order another one for my Dad soon. Neither have colitis, but your book is so invaluable for anyone suffering from living and eating improperly.

“I’m your original e-book purchaser from years ago. Living in Mexico I was suffering with colitis. Unable to easily receive postal mail, I was so appreciative that you agreed to sell me a PDF copy of Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s, which you said you had not done before. It’s good to see that you now offer the e-book as an option.

“Your book is invaluable. It changed my life tremendously. I’m actually thankful that I was stuck in Mexico with no money or health insurance while in my 40s and suffering from colitis pain. If I had health insurance I might never have been forced to find an alternative method of healing. After three weeks on your healing program I was free from pain and after four weeks had lost 30 unhealthy pounds.

“Thanks, again, for helping me out and for writing the second most important book in the world.”

-John D, Mexico (2010)

* * *

“I am writing again to publicly thank Dr. David Klein again for all the work he has done in helping people such as myself regain their health. I began to follow Dr. Klein’s advice after stumbling upon his Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s book around June, 2009. I was suffering with Crohn’s disease at the time, had read many books on managing the disease and was losing hope because I wanted to have good health and not just manage symptoms. Thank God for the Internet and a little hard work on my part.

“I hope that anyone who is suffering with any digestive difficulties may find this diamond. As soon as I read Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s I was not at all skeptical that it would work. This book is the most detailed, truthful health book one can ever read.

“Dr. Klein’s book delves into how humans are meant to eat and how health declines when we eat a diet that to which we are not biologically adapted. Dr. Klein does a great job of describing the perfect diet for human beings based not upon popular opinion but backed by hard science, physiology and comparative anatomy. When it comes to health and nutrition there is so much misinformation out there it’s no wonder why many people are sick and suffering.

“I was skeptical about Dr. Klein’s statement that after a while of eating the natural vegan foods we are designed to eat our bodies would naturally relish only those foods. After a lifetime of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) I really thought I would miss hot dogs, soda, ribs and other junk food way too much and that I would not enjoy eating a more natural diet. However, the eating and healing plan he outlines in Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s really made sense on all levels.

“It has now been eight months since I began following this correct way of eating and living. My path has not been 100% linear, meaning that at times I have taken two steps forward and one step backward, yet I continue to move in the right direction and feel better each day.

“As I detoxed and healed my weight dropped from 185 to 140 pounds. I was somewhat scared but I felt much better and my disease symptoms vanished. Dr. Klein assured me that once the detox process was complete my weight would stabilize and I would be able to regain any lost muscle and achieve a healthy weight level. His counseling sessions always assured me that my body was always acting wisely and doing its best to build excellent health, and it would do so if I gave it what it needs without hindering the process with drugs and other stressors.

“I no longer suffer with symptoms from Crohn’s disease. My bowel is working perfectly as he stated it would. I have much more energy then I ever had and am much happier, too. My weight has climbed back up to a healthy 155 pounds. Although I was weakened during the detox phase, I am now just as strong as I was before I became sick. I feel a lot healthier and lighter, both physically and mentally.

“With my continuing study of human health and personal observation I have a much better understanding of when I am truly hungry and am always pleased when I eat a simple meal. I eat less than previously. I attribute that to the purer internal condition of my body, which now only calls for nutritious food, and my dramatically improved digestion. Most importantly, I have realized that good nutrition and health are matters of eating health-promoting foods in a manner whereby optimum digestion and assimilation can occur.

“One last major concern was ‘fitting in’ socially with my new eating and living habits. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that this is not a problem. I’ve been drawn to a new world of like-minded people who are striving for better health. I am meeting more and more friendly folks who are mentally sharp and enjoy sharing healthful ideas. Those in my new group of friends have been very supportive. This has truly been a blessing.

“Dr. Klein is unique in that he is truly ‘there’ to help his clients. He has demonstrated immense knowledge and compassion toward helping those who need healing. Eight short months ago I felt my life slipping away. I am now in the process of building something I never really experienced: ‘true health.’ I thank Dr. Klein for his continuing help and support.

-George G., Florida (2010)

* * *

“I can not say enough good things about Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s. I literally want to shout about it from my roof top! It changed my and my family’s lives forever! I was diagnosed with UC in August of 2000 and took the standard medical route of steroids and Asacol. I got ‘better’ in time and spent the next nine years in ‘remission.’ But that did not last.

“After the birth of my second child in May of 2009 I had a major flare-up that did not respond to the medication. I was running to the bathroom eight to ten times a day with cramps so bad that I felt like I would pass out. I lost 40 pounds in a little over a week. My family had to come stay with me to take care of me and my children. My doctor started suggesting surgery and wanted to put me on Remicade, neither of which I saw as options. I was in a self-imposed hell, angry and drowning in self-pity.

“By the grace of God I made the decision to buy Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s. The vegan diet aspect totally turned me off at first; however, being on such a limited diet anyway, it wasn’t far to go to be ‘vegan.’ Upon reading this book and following the guidelines of self-healing my life started to change. When I say ‘guidelines of self-healing’ I don’t mean simply diet. I mean changing my attitude toward my situation and myself. There is more to this book than becoming a vegan of following a strict diet—the importance of the other aspects of health cannot be underestimated.

“Within the first week of applying the self healing principles I went from not having the strength to walk to my mailbox to taking mile-long walks around my neighborhood! The symptoms of cramping, gas, mucous and constipation started improving within that same week. Within four weeks I was symptom free!

I followed the diet to a “t” for five weeks then slowly started trying new foods. I found I could tolerate many things—which I was ecstatic about—but I soon realized that I didn’t want my SAD (Standard American Diet) diet back. The foods I used to eat, especially meat, tasted terrible. My body and palate had completely changed! Of course this didn’t happen overnight and the process was miserable at first. I obsessed over the foods I wasn’t ‘allowed.’ But now I don’t even think about them. I have occasional treats, but find it very easy and wonderfully simple to continue the healthy diet.

“It is also remarkable to compare the vast difference in how I felt during the nine years of ‘remission’ and how great I feel now. I thought I was totally normal, but now I realize I wasn’t. Even though I felt fine, my digestion wasn’t up to par—I just accepted it, like so many people do.

“Dr. Klein does a superb job of explaining the simply beautiful self-healing process that will take place if we allow it. I have suggested this book to friends and family who don’t have digestive problems, but suffer with other health problems. I know that the guidance and advice in this book will have profoundly positive effects on anyone suffering from minor to major health problems. I am forever thankful for this book and for Dr. Klein writing it.”

-Allison S., Oregon (2010)

* * *

“Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your book. After struggling with ulcerative colitis for ten years, I implemented the vegan healing diet suggested in your book. After two weeks, the bleeding stopped without any medications. Today, my stools are formed.

“I can’t thank you enough. I now understand why everything else I tried before did not work and am confident that I can get my vibrant health back…it is only a matter of time. May God bless you and your family. Thank you.”

-Neelam G., California (2011)

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