New inspirational e-book by Dr. David Klein: “Spiritual Nutrition”

The toxemia, malnutrition, distress and anguish all drag us down into the shadows when we are sick with IBD. Years of sickness, chronic fatigue, drug poisoning and despair can be devastating. However, no one should ever give up hope. Where there is life there is a chance for total rejuvenation. I know — I once had “9 toes in the grave” when gripped with ulcerative colitis. Yet, by thinking in a new more natural way, being resourceful, embracing our passion for life and feeding our mind positive, nurturing thoughts there is a way into the light.

Our healing and health rejuvenation plan must address more than just nutrition and exercise — it must encompass the quaternity of our being: mind, body, emotions and spirit. By embracing the whole-health Natural Hygiene plan in Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s you can set yourself on the correct path to realize complete rejuvenation of your mind, body and spirit. With intention and passionate action, you can accomplish anything your mind sets itself to. Spirit is urging us onward to make healthful changes, and there are plenty of good tools to assist us along the way.

One such tool is my new e-book, Spiritual Nutrition. It was created with those who are recovering from devastating illness and creating a new healthful life in mind. I think you’ll find it to be a treasure trove of inspiration loaded with affirmations and timeless wisdom to elevate you on your path to vibrant health and happiness. It contains watchwords of wisdom by sages down through the ages as well as many contemporary nuggets for every health enthusiast and spiritual seeker. Please do check it out at It’s guaranteed to delight in many ways and help you on your path to health mastery. Perhaps above all, it will help you reconnect and remember how special you are and how much you deserve to live the healthy life of your loftiest dreams.

Wishing you and yours vibrant health & happiness!

Dr. David Klein
Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

* * *

“Wow. Spiritual Nutrition is a real beauty, Dave. Spectacular!” -Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D. Author of The Joy Factor

* * *

“BEAUTIFUL graphics!  Best of luck to you in your exciting endeavors.” -William Pila Chiles, author of Wise Secrets of Aloha

* * *

“Thank you for creating this beautiful compilation of wisdoms. It was a deep pleasure to read through the first time, and I am sure it will also be a friend to return to many times. I am honored that you chose to include selections of my work. I pray that your efforts be used in the quickening and deepening of us all.” -David Seacord, spiritual impressionist artist

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