Eight-year Mystery IBD Healed in Seven Weeks!

July, 2011

For about eight years I had an unknown colon condition that included inflammation. I tried many kinds of colon cleanses, enemas, implants and colonics that helped a little, but did not clear the condition. Then I had a tooth infection. My dentist said I needed antibiotics, which I normally don’t take. My body’s reaction to that severely increased the colon condition.

I knew that I needed help and fast. I had the good fortune of hearing Dr. David Klein on a web teleconference speaking about Healing the Gut and speaking about his book, Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s. I felt immediately guided to buy and read the book and contacted Dr. Klein. He guided me with the Natural Hygiene Vegan Healing Diet Plan.

I had been on a vegan mostly raw diet for 16 years. While reading Dr. Klein’s book and while on his program I realized that I had been eating too many nuts, cooked oils and improper food combinations. Through Dr. Klein’s guidance I also went off herbal laxatives. After seven weeks on the Natural Hygiene Vegan Healing Diet Plan, the condition and symptoms were gone.

In gratitude,

Mary Saint-Marie

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