5 New Sensational Self-Healing IBD Testimonials

Five new sensational self-healing IBD testimonials for Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and my Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center counseling services.

Dr. David Klein

* * *

September, 2011

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in May, 2000. My problems started a few years before this when I mistreated my body by not eating well while under quite a lot of stress. I remember when I was at university and had to attend lectures being unable to sit in a class for even five minutes because I was going to the toilet more and more each day. I found it very embarrassing and I couldn’t explain what was happening. The funny thing now when I look back is that I now know where every single toilet is on the London Underground. The unknown fear of having accidents and not making it in time to a toilet was overwhelming. I saw several doctors about my constant need to go the toilet with bleeding and they told me to stop eating chilies! I did not stop.

In a very sick condition I went back home to my family and saw my family doctor. He prescribed anti-diarrhea medication which did absolutely nothing. The doctor then gave me daily blood tests which showed that my iron level was dropping at a very scary rate. I was admitted into hospital looking as white as a sheet and feeling lifeless and confused. After doing tests and after my first colonoscopy they told me I had ulcerative colitis. My entire large bowel was ulcerated and bleeding.

The first thing they gave me was a blood transfusion. The nurse spilled half of the bottle on the floor. Then followed intravenous steroids which caused me to want to eat nonstop. In the hospital I had my own private room which didn’t feel so daunting as I had a in-suite bathroom, but, nevertheless, I was going through hell. I stayed there about five weeks in total. I remember surgeons coming to chat to me about the possible consideration of removing my entire bowel. I couldn’t ever let them do that. Over time I was put on lots of drugs: prednisone, asacol and Aziathriopine Nothing was working! The consultant recommended surgery which frightened me, so I took new action.

I went home and I Googled “self-help / healing colitis.” Then I came across Dr. Klein’s http://www.colitis-crohns.com website. I marveled about how he healed himself and thought I had nothing to lose. I was sick and tired of feeling like this and wasn’t able to enjoy my food because of the pain. I ordered Dr. Klein’s book and started!

It was a shock to go from eating what I called a “normal diet.” I invested in a juicer and, implemented a mostly juice diet and starting eating fruit. I threw away my meds and believed this would work. I didn’t tell my consultant at all. Every time I went back to see him I was a little bit better. I had never done anything as challenging as this. I tried to follow the diet as best as I could.

After a year and a half I went back to see my medical consultant who thought I was taking the meds he had prescribed—I was not. After the examination he told me I had healed—he was amazed, believing it was the drugs. I confessed to him that I hadn’t had any meds for almost two years, and he thought I was lying. He now remembers me as his miracle patient!

I can say that now I don’t follow the diet completely but it really did save me. Thank you Dr. Klein!

Pam Johal
Southamptom, England 

* * *

October, 2011

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in April of 2011. I was immediately referred to gastroenterological care, but because I lacked medical insurance not a single gastroenterologist where I lived would take me on as a patient. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I began reading books about my Crohn’s to self-treat as best I could. Typically, I came across three kinds of books on the topic. The first kind recommends getting on with standard modern medical treatments, which involve taking powerful dosages of antibiotics, immunosuppressants, and other drugs. They also recommend things like avoiding fibrous foods and other foods that might exacerbate the symptoms. The main person to seek help from here is a gastroenterologist, who is supposed to be the medical authority on intestinal diseases.

The second kind of book recommends alternative approaches to treating Crohn’s. They recommend different kinds of herbs, oils, supplements, probiotics and macrobiotic diets for people with Crohn’s to experiment with. Many of these books recommend seeing a naturopathic doctor.

The third approach I found was an integrative approach. What is really needed, it is claimed, is proper gastroenterological and naturopathic care, and whatever other care you might feel you need.  Human bodies are unique, they stated, and need to be experimented with, and one who has an intestinal disease cannot afford not to see medical professionals. Gastroenterologists and naturopathic doctors can work symbiotically to maximize proper treatments. One can take dosages of drugs that her gastroenterologist prescribes, and one can also take the herbs, oils, supplements, and probiotics that her naturopathic doctor recommends, etc.  

I dabbled for a week or so with some recommendations that I could get from my local health food store, but these made my symptoms worsen. I did not want to go the modern medical route, and could not anyway due to my lack of medical insurance. Accordingly, the integrative approach seemed hopeless.  

One night I went online to see if there were more books I could check out.  I found Dr. Klein’s book, Self-Healing for Colitis and Crohn’s. As I began reading it I had a feeling that Dr. Klein was speaking truth. There was something about the presentation, the arguments, the Natural Hygiene philosophy that made so much intuitive sense and, perhaps more importantly, made me trust Dr. Klein’s teaching. He had been through severe ulcerative colitis himself, he reversed his condition, and, inspiringly, went on to find true health. This was important for me. He did not, as I had read in so many testimonials in other books, keep his condition in check for a while only to experience future flare-ups or go through what seemed to be the usual cycles of colitis. He was able to reverse his condition indefinitely.  And, the results were immediate.  

I followed Dr. Klein’s advice. Overnight, I became a low-fat, high carb (fruit!), raw vegan, following food combining principles and putting his teachings into practice. On the second day I was eating fruit without pain!  I hadn’t eaten without pain for months!  

Over time, I began to internalize his teachings, and after a month or so I jo longer felt pain in my ileum and the inflammation seemed to have run its natural healing course.  I was able to eat more and more fruit and some tender vegetables. Six months later, as I write this, my health has never been better. I am still following Dr. Klein’s principles and am not looking back!  I have found true health.  

I thank you so much Dr. Klein!  You truly helped me when I was in great need. My debt to you and your work is great indeed.

With gratitude,

Jeremy Dickinson
San Luis Obispo, California

* * *

September, 2011

I would like to join the hundreds of people who have thanked you for helping me out with your great book, Self Healing Colitis & Crohns.  I had been diagnosed with light gastritis since 2006. Then, during the month of August of this year, I began experiencing an increasing bloating problem. It culminated in a bout of violent vomiting one night and a trip to the emergency room. The doctor, once he saw that I could keep down food, released me and told me to see a G.I. specialist. He wrote the diagnosis “colitis” on my release papers.

I was disappointed with that the G.I. doctor could not see me for four weeks. Suffering and in pain, I took a three-hour trip to San Luis, Rio Colorado, Mexico. The small-town doctor I saw was able to calm my symptoms and help me with some guidance. She put me on antibiotics, anti-diarrhea, lactobacillus acidophilus, and pain reliever pills. I went home thinking this regimen would work. I don’t believe it did.  Now, this is where you come in. 

I was searching online as best as I could, being that I was on the john ever hour for three days! I was so exhausted during those days. After reading pieces of your advice from your http://www.colitis-crohns.com website, I dropped the pills and ate only banana, and peeled apples and pears. The bloody stools went away in less that two days! By the fourth day,I was eating solid food with no symptoms of colitis. This was in view of my family who was against a pure fruit diet. 

During week two of the healing stage I had regained my strength. At the end of the week I had an appointment with my doctor in Mexico again to check my blood work and see how I was coming along. The colitis was gone!

I give thanks to God, foremost, and to you, Dr. David Klein for the insight and wisdom of your work. I am now symptom-free and feel great. I have no more morning stomach pains, the bloating is gone and my stomach doesn’t swell or get sour after eating. 

I pray that I can recommend your words and wisdom to any who may come my way and to family, friends, and others. God bless you.


Emmanuel V. Cardoso, M.Ed.
Phoenix, Arizona

* * *

August, 2011

I am writing to let you know how much your diet has helped me heal from Crohn’s disease. I have been following your diet plan since April, 2011 and have had experienced nothing but improvement since then. When I decided to try your diet I was unable to attend university, was struggling to work half-day weeks and spent most of my time in bed. I suffered from painful digestion, stabbing intestinal pains, bloody stools, chronic diarrhoea, potassium deficiency, adrenal exhaustion, gastric reflux, chronic fatigue and chronic dizziness.

After trying all the usual harmful medical treatments, i.e. steroids, anti-inflammatories etc., with no success (in fact, they just made things worse) as well as naturopathic supplements and a high protein and fat diet, I have found your diet plan to be the only 100% successful and side-effect-free way to overcome Crohn’s disease. Moreover, by living more in accordance with the principles of Natural Hygiene I feel healthier and more vibrant than before I got sick!

Eating a diet consisting of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables has improved my mood and outlook on life. My skin has cleared up, my digestion is greatly improved (provided I combine foods properly), I scarcely need to use shampoo and have healthy, glowing hair, I have more energy and muscular endurance, clarity of mind and my weight has returned to normal (after being slightly underweight when I was sick).

The most profound change, however, is the empowering knowledge that I have healed myself naturally without any supplements, drugs or modalities. I now live according to the principles of the 80/10/10 diet and am working on improving my fitness and incorporating more sport into my lifestyle. I could not have had all this success without your guidance Dr. Dave, and I am eternally grateful for your work.

Best wishes to you.

Francine Maas
Kensington, Australia

* * *

July, 2011

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was 20. I remember how crushed I felt when the doctor told me there’s no cure, that I need to be screened for cancer every year and that it would be likely that I would need surgery in the next 10 years. I tried several medications, but the side effects were so horrible that I decided I would just rather deal with the pain. There were so many days that I skipped eating just so I could avoid a bowel movement. It was disabling both physically and mentally.

At some point I was told that not eating animal products could ease the pain. This sparked my curiosity. I searched “vegan ulcerative colitis” on Google and came to Dr. David Klein’s website. I was very skeptical. It was contrary to everything the specialists told me. However, after one too many weeks of being in agony, I didn’t care anymore and was willing to try anything.

At the time I was eating the Standard American Diet including lots of meat and cheese, refined grains and processed food with not very much fresh produce. I ordered and followed Dr. Klein’s Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book and gradually incorporated healthful practices into my life and started feeling much better at a surprisingly fast rate.

After several weeks I was having normal, healthy bowel movements again. Eventually I became as fit as my former 16 year-old self. I felt better than I had in my entire life and am ever grateful.

Thank you so much, Dr. Klein!

Joseph Post
Portland, Oregon


  1. Dear Dr. Klein,

    Even though I have not read your books, your information about diet is right on.

    I learned about the vegan diet by reading the book, “Counsels On Diet And Health” by Ellen G. White and the King James Holy Bible.

    I suffered with Crohn’s Disease for over 10 years not knowing how to get better.

    I had a foot and a half of small intestine which gave me fetal position stomach aches and hourly vomiting.

    Once I got the vomiting and stomach aches to calm down, I went to work on my diet.

    Right away, I stopped using prescriptions and put myself on a vegan diet. In other words, I completely stopped eating ANY and ALL animal foods.

    I juiced as many organic fruits and vegetables I could and drank those juices as often as I could.

    Plus I used Power4 made by Genesis Today, which contains Mangosteen, Goji, Acai and Noni fruit juices for its high anti-oxidant properties.

    Along with those, I used wheatgrass in grape juice to detox my body with.

    Now I use Sovereign Silver to boost my immune system as well.

    My whole family is on the vegan diet too.

    Within the first year, my body started to heal. I sat in the restroom a lot because my body was cleansing itself.

    Pains went away, and I could start adding other fruits and vegetables back into my diet.

    The second year got better and so on…

    It has been about almost 6 years I have been vegan and my health has been outstanding, with no more pains or vomiting.

    You are promoting a good thing, the vegan diet. I applaud you for sharing this information to help others.

    It is a shame that people just want to eat whatever they want instead of what they should eat.

    Its no wonder that people get sick like they do. I should know. I did it to myself and learned the hard way.

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