Blood Clot Gone!

September, 2015

This year at age 49 I was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood clot in my leg, otherwise known as a deep vein thrombosis or DVT. Frankly it scared me quite a bit. When the clot was found, they rushed me to the emergency room for treatment and I wrote goodbye letters to my family, because it looked like this could be the end. Blood clots claim hundreds of thousands of lives per year. One person dies every six minutes from a blood clot in the United States. It is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S.  Twenty percent die within the first month of diagnosis. Sudden death is the first symptom in 25% of those diagnosed with a DVT. The blood thinning medication the doctors put me on was also very dangerous (causing high instances internal bleeding, brain bleeds, stroke, etc.). I didn’t want to take it, but the doctors insisted that if I didn’t, the blood clot could get worse and/or I could develop other clots that would make the situation even more dangerous.

My uncle had worked with Dr. David Klein before and highly respected his work, so he referred me to him. I explained the situation to Dr. Klein and he customized a diet plan to facilitate the healing process. He asked me for very detailed information which I provided. Dr. Klein very patiently explained the importance of following his Vegan Healing Diet Plan of only fruits and vegetables with no fats, to keep my blood thin and to avoid energy-intensive digestive burdens which would interfere with the healing process. Against my five doctors’ orders, but consistent with my intuitive sense that the medication was dangerous in its own right, I decided to stop the medication. Other than the strict vegan diet, a hypnosis audio was the only thing I did to assist my body in the healing process. Dr. Klein checked in with me regularly and we tweaked the diet slightly to satisfy my taste preferences.

Fast forwarding to six weeks later, I just had my last Doppler test (a sonogram that monitors and visualizes blood clots). Much to the doctors’ surprise (I had a few of them), and much to my great relief, the blood clot is completely gone!!! Those doctors had said it wouldn’t go away. I am eternally grateful.

Rich B.
New Jersey


Self Healing Empowerment

    • jmac6t7
    • October 7th, 2015

    Great work, David..! 🙂

    • jmac6t7
    • October 7th, 2015

    Will be in touch with you re your Vibrant Health + Nutrition Certification Program, next month…

  1. Great! What is your name? I’m at and 808-572-0861

      • jmac6t7
      • October 7th, 2015

      My name is, James Mackinder…..
      1. I started looking into raw foods + fruit + vegetable juices in 2006 when my Mum was diagnosed with cancer.
      2. Spent 6yrs switching between raw fruits + veggies, cooked low-fat vegan (starch solution), juice feasting, water fasting, falling off the wagon, getting back on the wagon etc etc
      3. Then read The 801010 Diet and did 100% low-fat raw vegan for 8mths but never felt all that great + after 8mths fell off the wagon…
      4. A year or so later I figured out the primary reason for my failure on 801010 was that I ate ‘too many calories’ which really overworked my whole body but in particular really upset my digestion 24/7
      5. I had been watching Durianrider + Freelee and had become convinced that I had to ‘smash in the calories’ or I would fail…. so, I spent the entire 8mths force-feeding myself fruit + leafy greens in order to hit the minimum 3’000 cals/day that they recommended….. in retrospect that is why I never felt so good……. my digestive system was overworked….
      6. 9yrs on from my initial starting point, I am following 801010 again but eating only what + how much my body tells me that it desires… which tends to be around the 2’000 calorie mark unless I’m doing a lot of training in which case my body asks me to eat considerably more…. and it’s working 100x better for me..! 🙂
      7. Now I want to maintain this way of eating for myself + due to the enormous health benefits I am receiving + how wonderful I feel I want to help + coach others, like you have been doing for many years…

      I live in Phuket, Thailand…
      I rescue sick, abused + abandoned street dogs, rehabilitate them and find them loving, new homes in the US + Canada…
      I feed them raw meaty bones which helps considerably in their recovery…

      I am from London, England.
      I have a BSc in Business from the University Of Southern California.
      I am 48yrs old.

      I have been an athlete all my life up until approx 10 years ago.
      I am regaining my health + really enjoying getting back into fitness, running, working out, swimming + tennis etc

      10 years ago I could no longer run without extreme knee pain so I pretty much had to quit competitive sports.

      Now I can run, compete + play again with less + less discomfort every month….. entirely due to primarily raw fruits + with the addition of some leafy green vegetables…. 🙂

      I have 2 new rescue dogs coming to me from Bangkok + I am moving house on Oct 28th in order to accommodate them….. I have also just bought 3 of your books on Amazon for my Kindle which I have just started reading…. this month is hectic due to raising donations for the dogs, getting the dogs over to me, reading your books + moving house…

      Next month I would like to start studying to become a Vibrant Health & Nutrition Teacher and Holistic Health + Natural Healing Counselor… 🙂

  2. Great to connect with you and hear of your plans, James! Let’s continue the conversation via email: And let’s Skype soon: drdaveklein Do you have a Facebook page? Please email me. I don’t often check this blog, but I email 7 days a week 🙂

  3. BTW, I do great on around 1200 calories a day. Those 30-80BAD dudes are burning themselves out.

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