Ulcerative Colitis Healed in Two Weeks

April, 2016

“Ulcerative colitis? What is that?” I’d never heard of it. We are a very healthy family, or so I thought. I couldn’t believe this was the diagnosis of my then, 14 year old daughter. We were informed by her Pediatric GI that she had a chronic illness in her colon and would most likely be on medication the rest of her life. A young athlete, now had to be on medication the rest of her life? She started out with Lialda, then Canassa, and because the bleeding and loose stools were getting worse along with several bowel movements a day, not to mention cramping and pain, we had no choice but to do the medication. Soon she was moved up to steroids. What about diet? Low fiber low residue foods, example: cream of wheat otherwise known as wall paper paste! Nothing worked for three months and she was getting anemic. 40 mg a day of prednisone.

This went on for a few weeks and I thought that was going to be the quick fix. No! Doctor wanted to increase to 60 or admit to the hospital for IV steroids and monitor my daughter so the bleeding would stop. There had to be something else. I could not believe that food was not a part of all this as I was being told it was not. I spent quite a bit of time researching and fortunately, found Dr. Klein and his book, Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s. After a long deliberation at home, our family agreed we would seek his services and have him counsel our daughter.

Thirteen days after she started the Vegan Healing Diet Plan, there was no more bleeding, her stools were starting to look normal and her body was healing. We did the “happy dance.” Because her physician was not supportive of this diet, we had to seek an outside GI to advise us on the tapering of the prednisone.

Today, our daughter, 15 is a happy healed champ swimmer and continues to thrive as a young teen, student and athlete. She eats only plant based and follows the principles of Dr. Klein’s Vegan Healing Diet Plan. The choice was simple: medications and eat whatever you want or eat what is nutritious for your body and live a drug-free life. The latter of course, it’s a no brainer. Our whole family, including myself, husband and son are healthier for it, as I have implemented a healthier lifestyle for all of us.

Thank you Dr. Klein for turning your experience into an educational opportunity for helping others heal without drugs.

Melanie P.


    • James Isaacs
    • April 25th, 2016

    Good day Dr Klein, I have been diagnosed with UC at the age of 38 (now 57); since then I have had a number of flare ups but have been in remission for the past 12 months since I have been part of a research trial, using medication that is still being tried – the active ingredient of this medication is tofacitinub. I would like to try your health program and to stop with this medication – could you let me know what I need to do to start with your program and also how much it would cost. thanking youregardsjames     Kind regards,James  Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.   “Herbalife for life……..it will change your life forever!” James Isaacs072-0489308021-5933816 

    • May 15th, 2018

    IM A MOM OF 2 adults ! My son that is 32 has not left our house. He was diagnosed at 13 – Crohns – OUR DAUGHTER AT 18 UC I WAS JUST REFERRED TO YOUR BOOK. My son is in pain everyday we have been trying everyday everything.. I’m 61 this yr and I’m scared he will never be well or have s life. I’m going to get the book and THANK YOU for putting your life into it…. ZBOTH KIDS COLONS REMOVED- MY SON – is wasting away… ANUL FISTUALS – My daughter POUCHITIS – all the time.. HELPPPPPPPPPPP PLEASE … DR DAVID !!!!! GOD BLESS MRS KLEIN – mom of 2 wonderful ppl that suffer.

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