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The Sad Status Quo of Gastroenterology

October 29, 2011

Hello David,

I am currently in Washington D.C. for a gastroenterology seminar held by one of the most influential GI organizations. It is sad to see the guidelines for the treatment of IBD lectured to thousands of gastroenterologists from all around the world pushing strong immunosuppressants and dangerous newer biological medications from outset and throughout the course of the disease. It is even sadder to know that about 98% if not 100% of the doctors who give these talks and set the treatment guidelines state that they have financial ties with the pharmaceutical companies which make drugs for IBD. They either have grants from these companies to do “research” for them or they “serve” on their board of directors. And still the saddest part is that the doctors hearing these talks and following these guidelines rarely question them or think there may be an alternative. Money talks everywhere.

Zarin Azar, M.D.
Drug-less/Holistic Medicine
Gastroenterology & Hepatology