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Ulcerative Colitis Healed in Two Weeks

April, 2016

“Ulcerative colitis? What is that?” I’d never heard of it. We are a very healthy family, or so I thought. I couldn’t believe this was the diagnosis of my then, 14 year old daughter. We were informed by her Pediatric GI that she had a chronic illness in her colon and would most likely be on medication the rest of her life. A young athlete, now had to be on medication the rest of her life? She started out with Lialda, then Canassa, and because the bleeding and loose stools were getting worse along with several bowel movements a day, not to mention cramping and pain, we had no choice but to do the medication. Soon she was moved up to steroids. What about diet? Low fiber low residue foods, example: cream of wheat otherwise known as wall paper paste! Nothing worked for three months and she was getting anemic. 40 mg a day of prednisone.

This went on for a few weeks and I thought that was going to be the quick fix. No! Doctor wanted to increase to 60 or admit to the hospital for IV steroids and monitor my daughter so the bleeding would stop. There had to be something else. I could not believe that food was not a part of all this as I was being told it was not. I spent quite a bit of time researching and fortunately, found Dr. Klein and his book, Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s. After a long deliberation at home, our family agreed we would seek his services and have him counsel our daughter.

Thirteen days after she started the Vegan Healing Diet Plan, there was no more bleeding, her stools were starting to look normal and her body was healing. We did the “happy dance.” Because her physician was not supportive of this diet, we had to seek an outside GI to advise us on the tapering of the prednisone.

Today, our daughter, 15 is a happy healed champ swimmer and continues to thrive as a young teen, student and athlete. She eats only plant based and follows the principles of Dr. Klein’s Vegan Healing Diet Plan. The choice was simple: medications and eat whatever you want or eat what is nutritious for your body and live a drug-free life. The latter of course, it’s a no brainer. Our whole family, including myself, husband and son are healthier for it, as I have implemented a healthier lifestyle for all of us.

Thank you Dr. Klein for turning your experience into an educational opportunity for helping others heal without drugs.

Melanie P.

University of Natural Health – Holistic Health Degree Online School

UNH-banner7Higher Education — Your Ticket to Success in the Holistic Health Field

by David Klein, Ph.D., H.D.

Would you like to create a superior and truly fulfilling career as a holistic natural health professional, helping people to become truly healthy? Can you imagine yourself helping thousands of people while living your true purpose in life? Can you picture the joy and satisfaction this would bring to you and those you care about? My Ph.D. / Hygienic Doctor degree from the University of Natural Health has made all of that a reality in my life. The University of Natural Health is a holistic health degree online school.

The greatest preparation for becoming a highly effective health educator, counselor and/or doctor is the personal experience gained in overcoming illness and building new health via the tenets of Natural Hygiene. I was provided with this experience.  Desperately searching for a solution to a long, devastating illness, in 1983 I discovered a Doctor of Natural Hygiene, Dr. Laurence Galant. He eventually helped me resurrect and reclaim my life.  With his assistance, and my studies of several Natural Hygiene books written by Drs. Herbert M. Shelton and T. C. Fry, I learned what I consider my primary life lessons.

Upon healing and creating a new healthful lifestyle, Dr. Galant urged me to take the Life Science Institute’s “Natural Hygiene Course.” I ordered all 108 lessons and studied them diligently, with no other purpose than health maintenance. The foundation for my knowledge of health science was laid by my study of that course, a few books by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton and magazines by Dr. T. C. Fry. I resumed my career in environmental engineering and didn’t envision ever becoming a natural health counselor or doctor.

When I expressed to Dr. Galant my belief that there was no future for me in holistic natural health education, he said: “David, with your rare information and wisdom, some day people will be flocking to you for help—you’ll be magnetic!” Still, I could not see it. But, from the moment I began my natural healing, I had a burning passion to shout out the healing wonders of Natural Hygiene to the entire world; I wanted everyone to overcome their suffering via natural living.

That passion simmered for years and, eventually, could not be contained. After I was laid off my last engineering job in 1992, health education became my new pursuit, and in 2006 my career was capped with a Ph.D. in Natural Healing and Health and a Hygienic Doctor degree from the University of Natural Health. My health counseling career exploded forth via those prestigious credentials, and I have made a good living as a self-employed natural health counselor and entrepreneur, even in these tough economic times. Dr. Galant was right!

What is Natural Hygiene and what is so special about it? “Hygiene” is literally “health.” “Natural Hygiene” is the science and fine art of holistic, natural, healthful living. There are many approaches and “schools” of health, but the true nature of holistic natural health is presented in only one system or curriculum of study: Natural Hygiene. Based upon an accurate understanding of physiology, biology and a huge, time-honored body of empirical evidence, Natural Hygiene teaches us the Natural Laws of Life—i.e., the nature and purpose of disease, how to restore health and how to live in optimum wellness. Natural Hygiene counselors have the greatest success in helping people recover from illness and create truly vibrant health.

You can create a truly rewarding career as a health professional, whether in the healing arts, as an educator, counselor, doctor or a combination of these. You can help those challenged with illness to become truly healthy and free of medical and other therapeutic misadventures by understanding and exploiting their own self-healing powers. You can build up your practice to a level where people are flocking to you, even in lean economic times, because you’ve earned a reputation for helping a multitude of people effectively overcome disease without shortcuts, gimmicks, products or other delusional and expensive practices. You can help them resurrect their lives and feel new joie de vivre. You can feel great about a career wherein you truly help people, serving as a model for the best that a doctor can be. (Remember: the true definition of “doctor” is “teacher”.)

If you are truly passionate about a career in the field of natural health, a degree in Natural Health from the world’s only college and university offering a complete post-secondary, distance learning, degree curriculum in Natural Hygiene will be the best move you could possibly make. For a most successful health education or counseling career, learn the absolute truth about health from a Hygienic institution such as the College of Natural Health or the University of Natural Health. Empowered with a proper education in health science, you’ll be immeasurably more effective in helping people become and stay well in comparison to those who follow any other “school of health,” no matter how time-honored and popular it may be.

Natural Hygiene is timeless—it is simply the one and only science of holistic natural health. It stands alone as the proven way to help people, because it is the study and application of the biological laws of Nature. This course of study is the most empowering and yields the best results. Our clients love us because we teach the truth, they get results beyond their expectations, they save bundles of money, overcome suffering and sing new songs of joy.When our clients learn Nature’s laws and provide the true requisites of health, they unerringly meet with healing success and create happy outcomes. Now, that’s the hallmark of a truly excellent and fulfilling career!

If you’d like to learn more, I and my colleague, University of Natural Health President Dr. Paul Fanny, will be happy to speak with you about your career goals and higher education interests. Please visit the University of Natural Health introductory page at and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Expanded Services Offered by the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Expanded Services Offered by the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Dr. David Klein

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Raw Health Talk Web Radio Show Coming This Month

Coming this month:

Raw Health Talk Web Radio Show

by Dr. David Klein

Each week we’ll discuss all things related to natural healing, diet and health, especially digestive and bowel health, with live call-ins. All episodes will be archived as podcasts. For the schedule please follow me via and via my eDigest list (sign up by sending an email to and via my forthcoming website:

Here’s to a new year filled with abundant vibrant health and happiness!

Dr. David Klein
Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center




High Praise for Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s from Dr. Paul Fanny

PaulFanny copy 3“Dr. David Klein’s Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s demystifies the secrets of the innate natural health processes, by which the body possesses the power to heal itself. A Hygienic Doctor and former victim of ulcerative colitis, Dr. Klein is the leading modern-day pioneer and authority on the self-healing principles of colitis and Crohn’s disease. He is living proof that the body can cure itself and maintain its natural, pristine health when the causes of disease are removed and it is allowed to perform its magical healing-dance of life.”
Paul Fanny, Ph.D., H.D.
President of the University of Natural Health
Hookset, New Hampshire

The Vegan Healing Diet tm

Twenty-eight years of experience after healing my own inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis) and helping 2,500 heal theirs (colitis, Crohn’s, IBS, etc.) has taught me the most effective healing diet for IBD and all other diseases of the gut. I call it the Vegan Healing Diet tm. I teach it in great detail in my medically-endorsed guidebook, Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s. You can quickly learn the healing diet program, apply it by your self or with my help if needed, and start feeling better quickly, enjoy eating like never before, heal up and create the life of health and happiness of your loftiest dreams. Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s can be purchased at, and, and, as well as (paperback and Kindle versions) and iTunes (iPad version) and dozens of book stores. Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s served as my doctoral thesis for my PhD in Natural Health and Healing. The Vegan Healing Diet tm is delicious, simple and totally liberating. In 3 to 8 weeks most clients heal up and begin enjoying a whole new reality of joyous healthful living. Anyone can do this, no matter how skeptical at first. I know–I was one, and now I am grateful for the opportunity to help you and yours realize your full potential in healing and vibrant health. Please contact me at or 808-572-0861 if you’d like to talk. I am glad to serve.

To your health and happiness,

Dr. David Klein, Hygienic Doctor
Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Healing is Delicious: The Vegan Healing Diet

Dr. David Klein
Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center