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Support Your Healthful Lifestyle – Host Healthful Potlucks

We all need support and inspiration to maintain our healthful lifestyle. What can you do? Invite friends over for a vegan potluck every once in awhile. Set some guidelines: no cooked fatty foods, no salt, no spices, proper food combinations, lots of fruits and salads, only home-made, whole, vegan, organic foods. Here’s a picture of the gathering I had at my home the other day. The cuisine is 100% vibrant raw foods. As you can see, everyone is thriving on this diet. Everyone overcame health problems this way and is slim and youthful. Most wonderful company and delicious food ever!

Dr. David Klein
Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center


“Healing Colitis the Only Way: The Natural Way”

“Healing Colitis the Only Way: The Natural Way”

Page 1 of 3 of article by Emma Kaid coming in Vibrance no. 6 in April, 2011.
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-Dr. David Klein
Publisher and Executive Editor, Vibrance Magazine
Director, Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Our Pristine Senses Beget Vibrant Health

Our Pristine Senses Beget Health
by Dr. David Klein
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Our unadulturated senses lead us in the right direction: vibrant health. The proof? Simply behold the beauty of healthy children who are reared the natural way. A diet of fresh fruit and vegetables is all they desire. Heart warming and inspiring, their company is an uncommon pleasure.

Photo by of Jesse Krebs and sons at Dr. David Klein’s fruitarian potluck, February 12, 2011.

We Possess Self-healing Bodies and Were Not Meant to Suffer!

We Possess Self-healing Bodies and Were Not Meant to Suffer!

by Dr. David Klein, author of Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center.

We were not designed or born into this world to be sick with inflamed bowels. Our genes do not cause us to become sick with inflammatory bowel disease, but, rather, our diets, lifestyles and thoughts are the causes—and they can all be corrected and we can and will heal if we implement the right healing plan.

The body is a perfectly designed self-healing organism. Bowel inflammation is not a runaway problem but a sign that the body has been harmed and is vigorously attempting to heal itself, and it will gratefully do so if the causes of disease are discontinued and the biological requisites of health are provided. The solution to bowel disease is to identify the harmful factors, discontinue them and implement a new healthful lifestyle with health-promoting practices.

A few million people have done this, overcoming all kinds of debilitating disease conditions, including inflammatory and irritable bowel diseases—and so can you! Contrary to conventional belief, there is no mystery behind why we become sick and there is no lack of understanding of how to overcome disease, heal and rejuvenate. Those who have applied the Natural Hygiene system of self-healthcare have overcome diseases which include colitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, ileitis, irritable bowel syndrome and every other gastrointestinal malady humanity has ever experienced, including some cases of cancer.

My book Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s a specialized Hygienic healing plan for those who wish to overcome bowel disease and create disease-free vigorous health. All of this information is not based upon theories or anything that the author invented. Hygienic healing, i.e., cooperating with nature, removing the causes of disease and fulfilling our biological requisites for health, is the way that all creatures have always healed and recovered their health.

By deeply delving into these new teachings, letting go of erroneous beliefs, and embracing a new naturally healthful course of action, anyone can dramatically improve his or her condition, and most can go on to master their health and avoid inflammatory bowel problems for the rest of their lives.

With proper understanding, help and passionate intention, the goal of disease-free health can be achieved. It takes dedication, work and patience, but it only gets better and better when one immerses oneself in it mind, body and soul. I know—I did it, over 2,000 of my clients have done it, and I will be glad to help you or yours get well and stay well!

The Gastrointestinal Health Solution: Natural Hygiene Education

The Gastrointestinal Health Solution:
Natural Hygiene Education

by Dr. David Klein
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

The gastrointestinal health of people in modern societies worldwide is staggeringly poor, due mainly to haphazard eating routines including overindulgence in fatty and starchy comfort foods, processed, low-nutrient junk snacks, stimulant drinks and out-of-control high-stress lifestyles.

It’s incredibly sad that people routinely poison themselves many times each day with every meal and snack. Well over 50% of our population suffer with digestive maladies and accept them as normal. People routinely pop antacid pills, take prescription and nonprescription “stomach medicines,” laxatives and a plethora of other remedies, washing them down with toxic food fare and believing there is nothing they can or should do to change their eating habits.

Meanwhile, the prevailing dietary messages coming from today’s medical doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, nurses and even most health gurus is conflicting, confusing, often destructive and downright ignorant of our true digestive health needs as dictated by the sciences of biology and physiology.

Dr. Andrew Weil recently wrote: “Unfortunately, too many Americans are taking a dubious shortcut to digestive health: GI medication use has jumped dramatically in recent years. One in ten Americans was prescribed at least one GI medication on an outpatient basis in 2007 (the most recent year for which figures are available) compared to 1 in 15 in 1997. Such medications often do more harm than good—masking imbalances that can lead to more serious conditions, and causing numerous side effects, including lower B12 levels, increased risk of fractures and even increased risk of infections.”

Then what is the answer? Health education based in Hygienic science. i.e., Natural Hygiene—the science and fine art of of living healthfully in accord with the Laws of Nature.

Over the past two centuries, Natural Hygiene educators and doctors have been teaching biologically correct dietary practices based on an accurate understanding of our biological constitution and physiological needs and limitations. It is a proven, yet not commonly accepted fact, that we are constitutionally frugivores. I.e., we are designed to thrive on a simple, whole food, vegan diet of mostly fruit. We can eat omnivorously, but that invariably leads to disease and suffering.

Despite prevailing anti-fruit sentiment and the limited experiences of those who shun fruits because of their brief, unfavorable experiences eating them as part of their haphazard unnatural diets, fruit has proven to be the most nutritious and health-promoting food when appropriate fruits are eaten in a proper manner as part of a wholistic health program. How we eat is as important as what we eat, even when it comes to “health foods.” This is indeed controversial—but we can all prove these assertions for ourselves and enjoy the liberating results.

Healthful eating guidelines for promoting perfect digestion and gastrointestinal health have been established long ago. Special care protocol for the reversal of common g.i. maladies, including the diseases considered “incurable” by modern medicine, have been taught by a small enlightened body of Hygienic practitioners (including myself), and we have helped a few million overcome every sort of g.i. disease condition. The healthful eating and natural healing guidelines I speak of are actually very simple, and after a brief study soon resonate as common sense; they are contained in many books on the subject of Natural Hygiene and are actually derived from physiology books, the empirical experiences of Natural Hygiene practitioners, and those who have healed g.i. diseases and resurrected their health (as I did).

In short, the basics of healthful eating for perfect digestion entail: appropriate natural vegan food selection, simple food preparation, proper food combining, thorough chewing, eating only up to (and not beyond) the point of satiation, and proper food sequencing. The protocol for healing digestive diseases varies and needs to be carefully evaluated and implemented based upon the individual’s health history, condition and needs. In general, the healing approaches may include water fasting, juice dieting, carefully selected, simple, digestible meals of mostly or all raw foods, steamed plant foods, and abundant rest.

The guidelines and general healing protocol I speak of are taught in my two books: Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and Digestion Perfection. For less than the cost of a week’s worth of medicines, people can invest in those health education tools and, in most cases, learn how to quickly set themselves free of the tyranny of medications, doctor visits, soaring health insurance bills and chronic g.i. miseries. The time-honored teachings of Natural Hygiene and my 26 years of experience in the field of g.i. health, including my work wherein I have helped over 2,000 clients efficiently heal a wide variety of g.i. and related health afflictions, are contained in my two books. For those who need guidance with their healing process, I am available to provide counseling by phone, Skype, e-mail and in person. No one need suffer with any g.i. ailment, for the solutions are known and readily available to all!

Now more than ever, these words of wisdom ring true:

“The best part of every man’s education is that which he gives to himself.” -Sir Walter Scott

“Education is the instruction of the intellect in the laws of nature.” -Thomas Henry Huxley

It is true: it all starts with health education, i.e., true, natural, accurate health education, as taught in Natural Hygiene. I can guarantee you will discover that the absolute best health assurance and insurance is an accurate education in physiology, natural nutrition, health and self-healing.

Here’s to your perfect g.i. health and happiness!

Immensely sad news: Obama administration starting a $billion drug development center

After reading today’s immensely sad news that the Obama administration has decided to start a billion-dollar government drug development center, I can only think that Mr. Obama and the world need to know that Natural Hygiene self-healing/health education is the far better alternative. People need to discover the University of Natural Health and read publications on Natural Hygiene by Dr. Hebert M. Shelton, myself and others (,,

The advent of new drugs used to combat colitis, Crohn’s and other gastrointestinal and digestive diseases has only made people sicker and made it more difficult for them to self-heal. In recent years, hundreds of clients have come to me after their colons and general health were severely damaged by antibiotics and Accutane — they are extreme poisons and are too often ruinous. Their habitual use can cause irreparable damage. Are they ever necessary? Certainly not! We cannot poison ourselves to health!

“Anti-biotic” means “anti-life.” Antibiotic drugs circulate throughout our bodies and cripple, weaken or destroy the mechanisms of ALL cells, not only the bacteria in the gut. They are similar to insecticides and fungicides. “Bad” bacteria do not actually cause inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD); they merely consume toxic matter, the rubbish which results under unhealthful eating habits. There is no reason to kill the “bad” bacteria; they will be flushed out of the body when we change to a healthful diet, as taught in Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s. If we use drugs to kill them, we will poison our entire body. When people improve after antibiotic use, the body accomplished any healing on its own despite the extra toxic load of the drugs. Only the body can heal itself!

The new trend in medical treatment for inflammatory bowel disease is immunosuppressants. Our “immune system” is our God-given defense system, our “guardian angel brigade.” Does it ever make sense to suppress the body’s self-healing/self-preservation/health-restorative mechanisms? No! Our immune system never does us harm — that notion is a grave medical misunderstanding. The immune system is only hyperactive when our body is extremely toxic; the immune system’s cells only work to break down (detoxify) the toxic matter in the bloodstream and in toxin-saturated tissues. The “auto-immune” theory is false; the body never “attacks” itself for no reason but, rather, the immune cells break down toxins and dead cells for disposal. We cannot create health by suppressing our self-healing mechanisms with drugs; in all cases we want the immune system to work at full strength at all times. Immunosuppressants weaken our God-given life force, suppressing symptoms, but they have no ability to heal us — they only interfere with healing and drag us down further into the abyss. Healing cannot take place in a body that is defiled with immunosuppressants.

Via the immune system and other physiological equipment and processes, the body can and will detoxify on its own and restore health if we stop poisoning it with toxic foods and drugs and get onto a wholistic health program. To heal we must eliminate the causes of disease. Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s teaches how to identify the causes of IBD and replace them with biologically-correct, health-promoting lifestyle habits. The self-healing program taught in Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s is time-honored; it has proven to be effective because it is grounded in a proper understanding of our biological, physiological, psychological and spiritual needs and it is based upon the laws of nature. Those who’ve read the book can request my assistance and I will happily guide them to health. I do this almost every week, year-round, and the results are typically superb.

I and other Hygienic Doctors teach Natural Hygiene: the science and fine art of healing naturally and living healthfully. With special care, all forms of IBD and most other diseases will self-heal, and most people can attain new long-lasting vibrant health, free of disease and medical intervention. I wish this for you and everyone.

Yours for true health education,

Dr. David Klein
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Planning for a Healthful Thanksgiving

Dear Fellow Health Enthusiast,

I wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday and encourage you to do things you know to be 100% healthful. It’s time to plan your healthful meal and commit to stay on the healthful living path. You can do it and you’ll love yourself because you’ll feel better!

I remember my very first Thanksgiving meal, 26 years ago, just 8 weeks after I began my healing crusade following the vegan diet. My 10 relatives sat down for their traditional meal (you know what that entailed!) and with them I ate only my beautiful, multicolored raw salad with avocado and a plain baked potato. The salad I made was huge — enough for everyone to share — but everyone ignored it! Oh well, I tried!

I enjoyed my first healthy Thanksgiving meal, felt great afterward and my family admired me for it. I was free of the doctors and drugs and everyone was thrilled to see me full of vitality and happy again. When we do the right things for our selves, those around us benefit…maybe not right away, but eventually good things will happen in their lives as they see you do the right thing year after year.

If there is any way I can support you on your health path, please give a shout to

Best to you!

Dr. David Klein
Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Photo credit: Barbara Howard