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Stomach Ulcers: Causes & Natural Solutions

Stomach Ulcers: Causes & Natural Solutions

by David Klein, Ph.D., H.D.
Director, Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center
Author of Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s
and Digestion Perfection


Stomach ulcers can evolve in various sizes, from tiny pinholes to much larger raw patches. Some are extremely painful, while some are painful part of the time. Most secrete pus. Some bleed and some do not.

Stomach ulcers typically begin with mental-emotional and dietary stress, causing stomach irritation then damage which can escalate to ulcerations. Stomach ulcerations are open sores at damaged points on the inner stomach wall. When the blood stream is toxic (a condition known as “toxemia”), the body tends to offload toxins and dead white blood cells (pus) through ulcer openings. Chronic stomach ulcerations result in induration (scarring), stomach malfunction and, in the last stage of some cases, cancer.

All of these conditions, except for extreme induration and the last stages of cancer, can be easily healed and normal stomach function can be regained under a proper, hygienic, natural dietary healing program.

The Common Causes of Stomach Ulcers

Extreme Mental-Emotional Stress
When we are under duress, the entire alimentary canal and the digestive and elimination systems will under-function or completely shut down—food will not digest or travel through the stomach properly; digestive enzyme secretion will be weak and stomach mixing motions and emptying will be curtailed. Under this scenario, food is retained in the stomach for excessive durations, and it will warm up and decompose, releasing harmful chemicals which can damage the stomach lining.

Malnutrition in the Form of Low or Absent Nutrient Intake
Common modern diets of conventionally-grown foods are bereft of nutrients and largely indigestible, causing under-functioning and breakdowns of bodily systems, leading to stomach malfunction and breakdown.

Incomplete Chewing
Digestion must begin in the mouth. Incomplete chewing results in solid chunks of food entering the stomach, causing the overwork and enervation (weakening) of the stomach muscle. Furthermore, when starchy foods are not chewed well, the secretion of the salivary enzymes required for their digestion will be insufficient. Insufficient chewing can result in the fermentation of starches in the stomach whereby harsh chemicals such as alcohol and vinegar will irritate and damage the stomach wall.

Too much food sitting in the stomach causes an overproduction of stomach acid which can breech the stomach’s protective mucosal lining. This is typically coupled with the fermentation of the stomach’s food contents, producing alcohol and vinegar and other harsh chemicals. This can also cause swelling, inflammation and damage to the pylorus sphincter (or valve) which can result in abnormally-long retention of the stomach’s contents. Delayed stomach emptying is known as “gastroparesis.”

Harsh Irritants
The main culprits are: strong spices such as pepper, cayenne, oregano and curries, salt, vinegar, chiles, onions, garlic, radish, arugula, mustard, wasabi, hot sauces, cooked tomato sauce, lemon and lime juice, alcohol, coffee, cola soft drinks, extremely hot soups and beverages, and drugs such as aspirin and prednisone.

Excessive Eating of High-Protein Foods, Such as Meat, Dairy, Legumes/Beans, Nuts and Seeds
Specialized stomach cells secrete acidic digestive enzymes (such as pepsin and hydrochloric acid) to break down protein. The overeating of high-protein foods forces the body to overproduce stomach acid, leading to stomach irritation as well as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Over-Consuming Orange Juice and Other Acidic Juices
In small quantities, sweet, raw, organic orange juice is normally not irritating to the stomach which is protected by its mucosal lining. Large quantities of orange juice and other other acidic beverages, such as cranberry, pineapple, pomegranate, lemonade, sodas and coffee, can be extremely damaging, leading to ulcerations.

Consuming Fatty, High-Protein Foods With Sweet or Starchy High-Carbohydrate Foods (“Bad Food Combining”)
Complex mixtures of different food groups cause gastric (stomach) irritation as such: alkaline digestive juices (enzymes, such as amylase or ptyalin) are secreted in the mouth to digest complex carbohydrates (starches); acidic digestive juices (enzymes such as pepsin and hydrochloric acid) are secreted in the stomach to digest proteins—when we eat starchy and high-protein foods together, the alkaline and acidic enzymes become mixed in the stomach and their pH’s cancel out, resulting in poor or no digestion. When we eat simple carbohydrate foods (fruits) which require little digestion time in the stomach along with fatty high-protein foods which require four or more hours of digestion time in the stomach, the fruit sugars will be retained too long, they will heat up and ferment. When the contents of the stomach cannot be digested, the proteins will putrefy and any carbohydrates will ferment, generating destructive, irritating chemicals (hydrogen sulfide, putrescine, ammonia, alcohol, vinegar, etc.). If the stomach digesta (contents) become extremely acidic and toxic causing acute pain, the body may eject it via vomiting.

Eating Too Close to Bedtime
When we go to sleep with food in our stomach, the digestion and emptying processes are greatly diminished. As such, food will be retained in the stomach and it will putrefy and ferment.

Parasites can rob us of our food and enervate and damage the stomach wall.

What About the Claim That Bacteria Cause Stomach Ulcers?

Bacteria do not cause stomach ulcers—they merely consume and degrade food matter and breed in a conducive environment, such as the overloaded stomach and bowel of a person who eats a haphazard, unnatural diet. When we correct our diet and live healthfully, the body will rid them.

The Natural Solutions

Eat Only When Truly Hungry, Poised, Alert and Pain-Free
Do no eat when extremely tired, mentally distracted, emotionally upset or when suffering with stomach or gut discomfort. Get proper dietary healing guidance when your stomach or gut are bothersome. An experienced Hygienic Doctor, such as myself, can guide you with a healing plan which suits your physiological, mental and emotional needs so that you can heal comfortably, safely and efficiently.

Eat Your Natural Biological Diet
A simple, carefully-selected, organic, fresh, low-fat, whole vegan food diet of mostly fresh, high-water-content fruits and vegetables eaten in accordance with proper food sequencing and combining is the optimal way to restore vibrant health. A broad spectrum of viable nutrients from a diet that is high in a variety of fresh, raw (uncooked), organically-grown fruits and vegetables and low in fatty high-protein foods (especially cooked ones) is essential for maintaining vibrant health. After healing, optimally, no more than 10% of our calories should come from protein or fat and 80% of our calories should come from carbohydrate. This is easy to achieve if we eat mostly fruit and raw vegetables during the morning and afternoon hours and for dinner have a raw salad with steamed vegetables, sweet potatoes and/or squash with either a small portion of starchy food (such as white potato or whole grains) or a raw fatty food (such as nuts, seeds or avocado in the whole or blended form, such as a homemade salad dressing or spread).

Chew Your Food Well
Eat slowly and thoroughly chew each mouthful of food until the solids are completely liquefied and mixed with digestive juices.

Eat Only Up to the Point of Satiation
We must eat only when truly hungry and avoid overeating. While poised and alert and eating natural foods, we can practice self-awareness and look for the “stop signal” which alerts us that we have reached the point of “satiety.” That is the sensation which tells us we have “had enough”—that is, we feel satisfied, we are no longer hungry and our digestive system can handle no more food. At that point we must obey our body’s wisdom, stop eating and put away any extra food.

Cut Out All Flavorings and Condiments and Let The Natural Flavors of Fresh, Nutritious Foods Shine Through
After a week or two of letting go of all the strong, irritating flavorings listed previously, our taste buds naturally become alive and attuned to the natural flavors in our natural diet, and we will invariably enjoy them more than the lifeless, disguised flavors of the old diets which damaged our health. Furthermore, we will start feeling much better soon, the stomach will heal and we will rejoice in the simplicity of this delicious new way of eating (which is actually human’s original way).

Adhere to Proper Food Sequencing Guidelines
The best sequencing is fruit-and-greens meals during the day, then, optionally, a glass of raw vegetable juice, followed at least one-half hour later by a dinner of a raw garden salad with or without steamed vegetables, squashes, potatoes and/or grains with or without a small portion of avocado (only after you have healed). If you have healed and desire nuts or seeds with dinner, limit them to one to two ounces and do not eat any starchy foods (potatoes or grains) at that meal. Note that after healing it is not necessary and in many cases unhealthful to eat a fatty food every day. Furthermore, it is OK to have a dinner of simply more fruit and greens.

Adhere to Proper Food Combining Guidelines
Eat simple meals and follow food combining guidelines to a “t.” Eat fruit only on an empty stomach, alone or with leafy greens, celery and/or cucumber. Eat melons alone. Do not eat any acid fruits until you are totally healed; when healed, eat them in moderation and before sweet fruits. Starchy foods (squash, potatoes, grains and old carrots) combine well with all vegetables and bell peppers; they do not combine well with tomatoes or other acidic or sweet fruits, nuts and seeds; they combine moderately well with avocado. Fatty, high-protein foods (nuts, seeds and avocados) combine well only with non-starchy vegetables (greens and celery), cucumbers and minimal amounts of acidic fruits including tomatoes; they do not combine well with starchy or non-acidic sweet foods.

Eat Your Last Meal of the Day No Sooner Than Three Hours Before Bedtime
Assure that the contents in your stomach have been predigested and have had sufficient time to become completely digested in your small intestine. This will promote optimum nutritional benefits and sound, restorative sleep. When we need to heal an illness, we need a simple digestible diet, plentiful rest and at least nine hours of sleep per night.

Allow Your Body to Cleanse Itself (Detoxify) Naturally
It is a dangerous mistake to fight parasites and overgrowths of fungi and even bacteria which are commonly believed to be harmful with drugs, chemical remedies, herbs and other modalities. The human body is a self-cleansing, self-purifying, self-repairing marvel. If we fight invaders with toxic chemicals, we are risking great harm and wasting our time and money. We must not get fooled into believing in remedial “cures.” We must not try to kill anything in our body or use harsh flushing agents. Only health-building practices which support self-healing can assure us of safe and efficient health restoration results. Antibiotics are similar to insecticides and herbicides—they have ruined many people’s health and severely shortened many lives. So-called “natural” herbal remedies and the like may be less toxic than pharmaceuticals; however, they are still toxic and cause damage and weaken our entire organism. Flushing concoctions and drugs are also extremely dangerous—they can cause great harm to the liver and trigger new health problems. The body cleanses (detoxifies) best and most safely when for a period of time we take complete rest and consume a simple high-water content diet of appropriate simple fruits and vegetables with no fatty foods. Drinking several glasses of water before breakfast and between meals is also vital. Toxic invaders, old stores of toxic matter and chemicals and excess deposits of unhealthy fat will be eliminated, damaged and inferior cells and most or all scar tissues will be broken down and replaced with new functional cells and tissues, organs will heal, bodily energy will rise, vitality will soar, and we will gain an ecstatic sense of well-being and happiness on a lifelong healthful living program of eating our natural, most nutritious biological diet. It’s a sure thing!

Water Fasting
Water fasting—a complete physiological rest while living on only purified water—is the fastest and most efficient way to self-heal. In severe cases of gastrointestinal disease, a supervised water fast may be crucial for the restoration of health. We must learn when to fast and when not to fast, how to fast correctly and how to properly break a fast. The first steps are to read Fasting Can Save Your Life by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton and consult a Hygienic Doctor who specializes in water fasting and assure you get the proper care when undergoing a water fast. Improper water fasting can be very dangerous. Please do not undertake a water fast longer than one day without professional guidance from a qualified Hygienic Doctor.

Where Can One Obtain the Right Literature on Healthful Eating and Natural Self-Healing?

Please visit the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center’s online bookstore at The titles I most highly recommend are:

Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s by Dr. David Klein
Digestion Perfection by Drs. Herbert M. Shelton. T.C. Fry and David Klein
Raw Revelation by Drs. T.C. Fry and David Klein
Self Healing Power! by Drs. Herbert M. Shelton, T.C. Fry and David Klein
Fasting Can Save Your Life by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
Vibrance Magazine by Dr. David Klein

Who Has the Specialized Knowledge to Guide People With Stomach Ulcers and Other Related Diseases to New Vibrant Health the Natural Way?

I specialize in educational and counseling services for people afflicted with all gastrointestinal diseases via my Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center. When clients have special needs, I work in concert with a gastroenterologist associate and doctors at a medically-staffed Hygienic fasting center who totally support the self-healing approach. I primarily counsel people worldwide who have gastrointestinal problems by phone five days a week. Please visit my websites and contact me. I will be glad to help you or yours overcome illness and attain disease- and drug-free vibrant health and happiness the natural way.

The human body is a self-healing marvel, and you’ll be astounded by how well it will heal given the proper conditions of health. It’s easy and it’s our God-given gift! Let’s put the right plan into action and set you or yours on the speediest self-healing path today!

Yours for vibrant health and happiness,

Dr. David Klein
Paia, Hawaii, USA

We Possess Self-healing Bodies and Were Not Meant to Suffer!

We Possess Self-healing Bodies and Were Not Meant to Suffer!

by Dr. David Klein, author of Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center.

We were not designed or born into this world to be sick with inflamed bowels. Our genes do not cause us to become sick with inflammatory bowel disease, but, rather, our diets, lifestyles and thoughts are the causes—and they can all be corrected and we can and will heal if we implement the right healing plan.

The body is a perfectly designed self-healing organism. Bowel inflammation is not a runaway problem but a sign that the body has been harmed and is vigorously attempting to heal itself, and it will gratefully do so if the causes of disease are discontinued and the biological requisites of health are provided. The solution to bowel disease is to identify the harmful factors, discontinue them and implement a new healthful lifestyle with health-promoting practices.

A few million people have done this, overcoming all kinds of debilitating disease conditions, including inflammatory and irritable bowel diseases—and so can you! Contrary to conventional belief, there is no mystery behind why we become sick and there is no lack of understanding of how to overcome disease, heal and rejuvenate. Those who have applied the Natural Hygiene system of self-healthcare have overcome diseases which include colitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, ileitis, irritable bowel syndrome and every other gastrointestinal malady humanity has ever experienced, including some cases of cancer.

My book Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s a specialized Hygienic healing plan for those who wish to overcome bowel disease and create disease-free vigorous health. All of this information is not based upon theories or anything that the author invented. Hygienic healing, i.e., cooperating with nature, removing the causes of disease and fulfilling our biological requisites for health, is the way that all creatures have always healed and recovered their health.

By deeply delving into these new teachings, letting go of erroneous beliefs, and embracing a new naturally healthful course of action, anyone can dramatically improve his or her condition, and most can go on to master their health and avoid inflammatory bowel problems for the rest of their lives.

With proper understanding, help and passionate intention, the goal of disease-free health can be achieved. It takes dedication, work and patience, but it only gets better and better when one immerses oneself in it mind, body and soul. I know—I did it, over 2,000 of my clients have done it, and I will be glad to help you or yours get well and stay well!