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University of Natural Health – Holistic Health Degree Online School

UNH-banner7Higher Education — Your Ticket to Success in the Holistic Health Field

by David Klein, Ph.D., H.D.

Would you like to create a superior and truly fulfilling career as a holistic natural health professional, helping people to become truly healthy? Can you imagine yourself helping thousands of people while living your true purpose in life? Can you picture the joy and satisfaction this would bring to you and those you care about? My Ph.D. / Hygienic Doctor degree from the University of Natural Health has made all of that a reality in my life. The University of Natural Health is a holistic health degree online school.

The greatest preparation for becoming a highly effective health educator, counselor and/or doctor is the personal experience gained in overcoming illness and building new health via the tenets of Natural Hygiene. I was provided with this experience.  Desperately searching for a solution to a long, devastating illness, in 1983 I discovered a Doctor of Natural Hygiene, Dr. Laurence Galant. He eventually helped me resurrect and reclaim my life.  With his assistance, and my studies of several Natural Hygiene books written by Drs. Herbert M. Shelton and T. C. Fry, I learned what I consider my primary life lessons.

Upon healing and creating a new healthful lifestyle, Dr. Galant urged me to take the Life Science Institute’s “Natural Hygiene Course.” I ordered all 108 lessons and studied them diligently, with no other purpose than health maintenance. The foundation for my knowledge of health science was laid by my study of that course, a few books by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton and magazines by Dr. T. C. Fry. I resumed my career in environmental engineering and didn’t envision ever becoming a natural health counselor or doctor.

When I expressed to Dr. Galant my belief that there was no future for me in holistic natural health education, he said: “David, with your rare information and wisdom, some day people will be flocking to you for help—you’ll be magnetic!” Still, I could not see it. But, from the moment I began my natural healing, I had a burning passion to shout out the healing wonders of Natural Hygiene to the entire world; I wanted everyone to overcome their suffering via natural living.

That passion simmered for years and, eventually, could not be contained. After I was laid off my last engineering job in 1992, health education became my new pursuit, and in 2006 my career was capped with a Ph.D. in Natural Healing and Health and a Hygienic Doctor degree from the University of Natural Health. My health counseling career exploded forth via those prestigious credentials, and I have made a good living as a self-employed natural health counselor and entrepreneur, even in these tough economic times. Dr. Galant was right!

What is Natural Hygiene and what is so special about it? “Hygiene” is literally “health.” “Natural Hygiene” is the science and fine art of holistic, natural, healthful living. There are many approaches and “schools” of health, but the true nature of holistic natural health is presented in only one system or curriculum of study: Natural Hygiene. Based upon an accurate understanding of physiology, biology and a huge, time-honored body of empirical evidence, Natural Hygiene teaches us the Natural Laws of Life—i.e., the nature and purpose of disease, how to restore health and how to live in optimum wellness. Natural Hygiene counselors have the greatest success in helping people recover from illness and create truly vibrant health.

You can create a truly rewarding career as a health professional, whether in the healing arts, as an educator, counselor, doctor or a combination of these. You can help those challenged with illness to become truly healthy and free of medical and other therapeutic misadventures by understanding and exploiting their own self-healing powers. You can build up your practice to a level where people are flocking to you, even in lean economic times, because you’ve earned a reputation for helping a multitude of people effectively overcome disease without shortcuts, gimmicks, products or other delusional and expensive practices. You can help them resurrect their lives and feel new joie de vivre. You can feel great about a career wherein you truly help people, serving as a model for the best that a doctor can be. (Remember: the true definition of “doctor” is “teacher”.)

If you are truly passionate about a career in the field of natural health, a degree in Natural Health from the world’s only college and university offering a complete post-secondary, distance learning, degree curriculum in Natural Hygiene will be the best move you could possibly make. For a most successful health education or counseling career, learn the absolute truth about health from a Hygienic institution such as the College of Natural Health or the University of Natural Health. Empowered with a proper education in health science, you’ll be immeasurably more effective in helping people become and stay well in comparison to those who follow any other “school of health,” no matter how time-honored and popular it may be.

Natural Hygiene is timeless—it is simply the one and only science of holistic natural health. It stands alone as the proven way to help people, because it is the study and application of the biological laws of Nature. This course of study is the most empowering and yields the best results. Our clients love us because we teach the truth, they get results beyond their expectations, they save bundles of money, overcome suffering and sing new songs of joy.When our clients learn Nature’s laws and provide the true requisites of health, they unerringly meet with healing success and create happy outcomes. Now, that’s the hallmark of a truly excellent and fulfilling career!

If you’d like to learn more, I and my colleague, University of Natural Health President Dr. Paul Fanny, will be happy to speak with you about your career goals and higher education interests. Please visit the University of Natural Health introductory page at and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Natural Hygiene: The Science and Fine Art of Healthful Living

Natural Hygiene: The Science and Fine Art of Healthful Living

by Dr. T. C. Fry and Dr. David Klein

Excerpted from Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s by Dr. David Klein
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Natural Hygiene, or Healthful Living, is the art and science of living healthfully in accord with our natural biological heritage. Natural Hygiene embodies those principles which guide us to correct living practices. It is a health system of cooperating with Nature to allow our self-healing powers to fully express themselves, enabling the body to rejuvenate and establish its highest level of health. “Hygiene” literally means “the science of health.”

Natural Hygiene is about enhancing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being through education and right living. It provides us with a simple, wholistic, living awareness system for regaining and maintaining superb human health and beauty. Hygiene is personally empowering and liberating. It teaches independence and rational action. It banishes fear and ignorance regarding human health and how to keep it. Ultimately, it is about freedom.

Natural Hygiene always refers to nature as its mentor and teacher. When wholistic, comprehensive understanding is required, one must refer back to nature in its pristine majesty as the final authority. Because present-day life seems to be losing touch with those conditions which made life possible, Natural Hygiene brings us “back to the garden,” so to speak. We should strive to meet life’s requirements, and to smoothly balance them in all aspects so that we can easily lead a joyous and fulfilling existence.

Natural Hygiene concerns itself with those principles and truths applicable to human life so that we may wisely apply them to our lives. We are of the firm conviction that only by living healthfully can we realize the loftiest joys, peace of mind and blissful connection with all of creation which is our birthright.
Animals in nature are creatures of instinct. Following the guidance of instinct, they are correctly self-directed to meet their needs. They thrive optimally in accord with their environmental and genetic possibilities. Discovering and attuning to our natural instincts is part and parcel of Natural Hygiene. Our inborn guiding instincts always tend toward healthful and constructive living when they are unclouded and given proper attention. It is ignorance of our instincts and the laws of life that creates our sickness and suffering.

In presenting the concept that health is normal and natural, Natural Hygienists emphatically refute the idea that disease is inevitable in our lives. We contend that disease will not occur unless there is sufficient cause. Health maintenance is an unceasing process in every organism. When the organism is overwhelmed by toxic substances beyond its ability to eliminate them in normal course, the body institutes emergency action to effect expulsion of the toxic burden. This crisis is called “sickness” or “disease.” Toxic materials accumulate in the body from two sources: 1. from unexpelled body wastes that are endogenously generated as a normal part of our metabolism, and 2. from exogenous materials ingested and partially or wholly retained due to inability to cope with the eliminative load.

All the needs of normal physiology are present in states of disease and are required to be supplied to the end that organic and functional integrity may be preserved or restored. No piecemeal plan of care can possibly succeed in restoring health. Hygienic care comprehends not only a regulation of the diet, but a synthesis and coordination of all the factor elements of normal living: drinking, breathing, sunning, temperature, clothing, exercise, rest, sleep, emotional factors, etc. Nothing short of a total regulation of the way of life can produce ideal results.

All processes of recovery or healing are but extensions and modifications of the processes that preserve health. The materials and processes employed in caring for the sick must be in consonance with physiology and compatible with all other useful measures. A sane method of caring for the sick will not force the body to utilize substances that are not subject to its metabolic processes.

Our biological nature, i.e., the make-up (structure, function and living essence) of our bodies, determines our needs and how we should meet them. Health is our natural state of being. Disease processes (or illnesses) are perfectly natural responses enacted by the body for the purpose of detoxifying, rebalancing, adapting to harmful influences and healing. The condition of health (or wellness) is only achieved by living healthfully, i.e., satisfying our mental/emotional/physiological/spiritual needs.

The Hygienic health system of self-healing has a 200-year track record, establishing it as the most effective healing system ever known to man. The true Hygienic art consists of applying to the living system whatever materials and conditions it can use under the circumstances, and not in the administration of poisons which it must resist and expel. Drugs are themselves causes of disease and produce disease whenever given. They cure nothing. The drug system endeavors to make the sick well by administering poisons which make well persons sick.

Natural Hygiene, on the contrary, restores the sick to health by the means that preserve health in well persons. Disease is caused by violations of the laws and conditions of life. The Hygienic System stops the violations and supplies healthful conditions. Drug medication adds to the causes of destruction and metamorphoses acutely into chronic disease where it does not kill outright. The attempt to cure disease by adding to its causes is irrational and absurd. Hygienic care involves the proper use of all Hygienic materials and influences of nature but rejects all poisons. There is, therefore, between the Hygienic System and the Drug System an irrepressible conflict. If one is true, the other is false.

We must eliminate the dead weight of false knowledge and ideas that we carry with us each moment. Using treatments, drugs, herbs, or anything else abnormal and unnatural to the body can interfere with healthful body functions but, under no circumstances, can these agencies heal the body. Because these devitalizing agencies depress and suppress symptoms (or evidences) of body healing efforts, and because the body discontinues vital activities to contend with these agencies, which makes the symptoms disappear, the anti-vital effects of drugs and treatments are mistaken for healing effects. Nothing but the body can heal itself.

The Healthful Living Credo of Life

Attuning to our natural instincts and aligning with Nature is part and parcel of Healthful Living. We are of the firm conviction that only by living healthfully can we realize the loftiest joys and destiny which are our birthright. Two centuries of unfailing results have proven Healthful Living, which is synonymous with Natural Hygiene, to be the true science of health and the greatest healthful living practice humanity has ever known.

Healthful Living holds that life should be meaningful and filled with beauty, love, kindness, goodness and happiness.

Healthful Living holds that we are naturally good, righteous, loving, sharing and virtuous, and that our exalted character will manifest under ideal life conditions.

Healthful Living holds that superlative well-being is normal to our existence and is necessary to the achievement of our highest potential.

Healthful Living holds that supreme human excellence can be realized only in those who embrace those precepts and practices which are productive of superb well-being.

Healthful Living, which encompasses all that bears upon human well-being, and which bases itself soundly upon the human biological and spiritual heritage, constitutes the way to realize the highest possible order of human existence.

Healthful Living is in harmony with nature, in accord with the principles of vital organic existence, correct in science, sound in philosophy, ethics, environment, economics, and animal rights, agreement with common sense, successful in practice and a blessing to humankind.

Healthful Living recognizes that the human body is self-constructing, having developed from a fertilized ovum, that it is self-preserving, that it is self-defending and, through the mighty power and intelligence that constructed it, totally self-cleansing and self-repairing.

Healthful Living recognizes that the body maintains itself in perfect health, completely free of disease, if its needs are correctly met.

Healthful Living recognizes that humans are biologically and anatomically frugivores and are constitutionally, anatomically and aesthetically adapted to a diet primarily of fruits and, secondarily, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Ideally, they must be eaten in the fresh, raw, natural state in combinations that are compatible in 
digestive chemistry.

Healthful Living recognizes that diseases are caused by the body in response to improper life practices, especially dietary indiscretions. Illness proceeds from reduced nerve energy and consequent toxicosis from internally generated wastes, from ingested substances bearing or begetting toxicity, or from a combination of both. Insufficient nerve energy arises from dissipation, stress, overindulgence, excess or deficiency of the normal essentials of life, or not normal to it. Accordingly, recovery from sickness can be achieved only by removing the causes and establishing conditions favorable to recovery.

Healthful Living recognizes that a thoroughgoing rest, which includes fasting (physical, emotional, sensory, and physiologic rest), is the most favorable condition under which an ailing body can purify and restore itself.

Healthful Living, which teaches that exalted well-being can be attained and maintained only through biologically correct living practices, is not in any sense a healing art or a curing cult. It regards as mistaken and productive of much grief the idea that disease can be prevented or overcome by agencies abnormal to our natural being. Consequently, Healthful Living emphatically rejects drugs, medications, vaccinations and treatments because they undermine health by suppressing, disrupting or destroying vital body processes, functions, cells and tissues.

Therefore, Healthful Living regards body and mind as the inviolable sanctuary of an individual’s being. Healthful Living holds that everyone has an inalienable right to have a pure and uncontaminated body, to be free of abnormal compulsions and restraints, and to be free to meet his or her needs as a responsible member of society.

The Prime Requisites of Health

1. Love of Self
2. Healthy Self-image and Esteem
3. Passionate Love of All Life
4. Awareness
5. Intention
6. Inner Focus/Listening
7. Abidance by the Senses and Intuition
8. True Knowledge
9. Graceful, Grateful, Respectful, Generous Attitude
10. Organic, Properly-combined Vegan Diet
11. Pure Water
12. Pure Air
13. Sunshine
14. Warm Climate
15. Fitness and Posture
16. Security and Peace of Mind
17. Rejuvenative Rest and Sleep
18. Heart-centered Self Nurturing
19. Sharing of Love
20. Relaxation
21. Humor
22. Creative Expression
23. Emotional Flow and Release
24. Rhythmic Movement
25. Musical Indulgence
26. Simple Lifestyle
27. Communing With Nature

What Are Rotten Stools Doing To You?

What Are Rotten Stools Doing To You?
by Dr. David Klein
Director, Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

This article was adapted from the 4th edition of “Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s” by Dr. David Klein.

“Stool” is a term describing the waste matter excreted from the bowel through the rectum, ranging in consistency from formed and hard (constipated) to watery (diarrhea). Stool characteristics are indicative of our diet, the effectiveness of our digestion and our level of health. Healthy people generally evacuate nontoxic stools, and bowel movements are barely noticeable and never unpleasant. Toxic stools are blatantly offensive to our senses, and their evacuation is typically difficult and tiring. Few people have ever eaten and lived healthfully (as taught in “Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s” and in other Natural Hygiene literature) and experienced healthy evacuation of nontoxic stools.

Toxic stools emit gases which are odiferously foul and offensive. Foul fecal gases or flatulence indicate that food has not digested completely; rather, it has decomposed (rotted or fermented) in the gut. The odors produced by decomposing nitrogenous proteins are characterized as “putrid.” Odors produced by decomposing carbohydrates are characterized as “fermentive.” The chemical byproducts (liquid and gaseous) of this rotting action include: ammonias, sulfides, histamine, tyramine, cadaverine, putrescine, indoles, skatoles and purines. Hydrogen sulfide, also referred to as “swamp gas,” has the characteristic rotten egg odor which is common in sewer pipes. This gas is so corrosive that it eats through concrete piping, necessitating protective plastic liners. Imagine what it does to human flesh! All of these harsh chemicals irritate the bowel, leading to inflammation and, under chronic extreme conditions, the destruction and genetic alteration of cells, leading to polyps, tumors and cancer. They also circulate in the body causing systemic damage in a process called “autointoxication” which goes hand-in-hand with poor health. When the body’s organs of elimination and self-purification mechanisms (known as the “immune system”) are overwhelmed with toxins, we experience body odors and distress, which can lead to and irritable bowel (IBS), colitis, Crohn’s disease and bowel ulcers in some people. Tens of millions of people suffer with these afflictions today.

Diarrhea is an intelligent response enacted by the body when the contents of the bowels have reached a critically toxic level. The body sends water into the bowel and directs nerve energy to the bowel muscle to trigger peristaltic motion. Rapid evacuation of liquid feces is a sign of vigorous health-restorative detoxification. When the body enacts diarrhea, it is getting rid of threatening toxins. We want the body to get rid of the offending matter; we do not want to suppress diarrhea with medicines–that only adds to our toxic overload while further enervating our organism, extending the time it will take to heal.

When we have diarrhea, we must discontinue eating all fatty foods, rest, drink plenty of water and clear, fresh fruit juice, eat only health-supporting foods and allow the body to complete its housecleaning job. In cases of prolonged or extreme diarrhea with inflammatory bowel disease, special care and guidance are required. Each person needs a personalized healing plan to safely resolve his or her illness. In all cases of diarrhea, keeping oneself well-hydrated with water and fresh-made, non-acidic juices is essential. If diarrhea is severe, your physician and a Hygienic Doctor, such as the author, should be consulted and blood testing should be performed to assess electrolyte levels.

Constipated stools are compact, low in water content and held together by mucous. If they float, they contain entrained gas. Constipation is a sign of incorrect eating and a lack of nerve energy needed for regular evacuation, that is, the bowel muscle is enervated to the point of inability to easily move digesta through the bowel. Many lifestyle factors can contribute to enervation of the bowel, as discussed later. In general, the top three factors are: 1. diets with foods too low in fiber and water content; 2. overeating cooked starchy and fatty foods; and 3. a deficiency of rest and sleep. Chronically compacted stools lead to irritation and, in some cases, disfigured colons (prolapses, hernias, strictures) and inflammatory bowel disease because the fecal material stagnates, decomposes and its movement is difficult, fatiguing the bowel, rather than easily passing within 24 hours. The diet and healthful lifestyle program taught herein teaches the basic principles which enable the body to correct virtually all bowel problems and resume its normal shape and vitality.

As discussed in detail in “Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s,” there are several causes of food decomposition in the gut. They mainly fall under the categories of: 1. eating foods which are inherently indigestible; 2. eating foods in incompatible combinations; 3. eating too frequently; 4. eating when tired; 5. incomplete chewing.

When we eat incorrectly, exceeding the limitations of our digestive enzyme secretions and mechanical processing capabilities, food decomposes in the gut, as in a compost heap. That is, bacteria, yeast and, in some cases, parasites consume the nutrients and excrete wastes. This is nature’s way of digesting or breaking down wastes, purifying our inner environment and recycling organic matter. The warm, moist, nutrient-rich environment of the bowel is an ideal fermenter of food residues. Weightwise, the bacteria content of the stools of people who eat mostly undigestible food matter is typically greater than the quantity of the solid residue itself. The higher the quantity of indigestible wastes in our bowels, the greater the population of bacteria and waste byproducts (gas, liquid and solid residues). The pH of toxic stool is typically very acidic, indicating acid waste overload, as evidenced by rectal burning sensations. All these are undesirable and totally avoidable conditions. We need to eat in a way so that everything digests completely. We do not want to eat indiscriminately, creating the conditions for microorganisms to digest our food because that always results in poor health.

Ironically and sadly, most of what humans eat passes through the body undigested, poisoning their bodies and the environment. Human excrement is such an environmental pollution burden that humans have resorted to building sewage treatment plants. These costly plants serve to digest food residue which humans have not digested.

In wastewater engineering, the pollution strength of the sewage entering sewage treatment plants is measured as “biochemical oxygen demand” and expressed in units of “BOD.” This quantifies the amount of oxygen required by aerobic microorganisms to decompose the degradable organic matter in a sample of sewage. The influent BOD is always very high. As such, the sewage is a pollution hazard and, if discharged untreated, would defile or even kill all life in a natural body of water. Within this scenario, bacteria and other microorganisms feast on the nutrients, multiply and pull oxygen out of the water, suffocating aquatic life while releasing metabolic wastes (swamp gas, etc.).

Sewage treatment plants employ aeration treatment processes wherein bacteria populations greatly multiply, consume the nutrients in the wastestream and reduce the solids volume. The remaining still-toxic sewage solids (“sludge”) are separated out of the wastewater stream and typically sent to a landfill. The remaining wastewater is clarified, disinfected and discharged with a greatly-reduced BOD to the environment (creeks, rivers, oceans, meadows, agricultural fields, etc.).

Septic tanks are sometimes used for individual home sewage treatment, employing an anaerobic rather than aerobic bacterial decomposition process, discharging BOD-reduced wastewater into the ground. In perspective, the home septic tank and the costly, inefficient and obnoxious sewage treatment systems are only necessary when humans eat foods for which they are not biologically suited. If we ate correctly, we would not need mechanical sewage treatment equipment to do the digestion job we were designed to completely accomplish in good health and with nontoxic results. Completely digested food from a healthy body in turn produces good “humanure” fertilizer for plant life. (Of course, “humanure” recycling is not entirely practical for city populations.)

When we eat correctly of only foods to which we are biologically adapted, as taught herein, the result is complete digestion, effortless evacuation, neutral or no stool or body odors, little or no flatulence and freedom from bowel disease. It is generally healthy to have one bowel movement per meal. For most healthy people, two or three bowel movements per day is normal. Bowel movements occur in seconds with no urgency and barely any sensation. Healthy stools are moist, formed and of fine, uniform consistency; they sink and crumble in toilet water with no signs of undigested pieces of food, mucous or blood; the pH is within the 6.7 to 7.0 range; their color resembles the food which was eaten in the previous meal, only slightly darker; there is no straining, long and difficult waiting, cramping, spasming, discomfort, offensive odor, stickiness, need for air deodorizers, shame or unpleasantness; there is minimal need for toilet paper and little or no gas. From a wholistic viewpoint, the end product of our digestion tells the story of how well we have eaten, digested our food and supported our health.

After you have detoxified, healed and mastered your dietary and lifestyle habits, the bowel will remain healthy and free of irritation and inflammation, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy optimal health and happiness in a clean and sweet-smelling body. You will feel well inside knowing that you’ve fully met the conditions required for everlasting health. That is our natural state of being and the happy, lasting outcome of healthful living.

I will be glad to assist you and yours on the self-healing path. Please visit my website and feel free to contact me. My book, “Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s,” can be ordered there. It teaches the most successful self-healing program for those with any gut disorder. Over 25,000 people have been helped by this self-healing guidebook.

Wishing you and yours vibrant health and happiness!

Dr. David Klein
Paia, Hawaii, Maui, USA

Eight-year Mystery IBD Healed in Seven Weeks!

July, 2011

For about eight years I had an unknown colon condition that included inflammation. I tried many kinds of colon cleanses, enemas, implants and colonics that helped a little, but did not clear the condition. Then I had a tooth infection. My dentist said I needed antibiotics, which I normally don’t take. My body’s reaction to that severely increased the colon condition.

I knew that I needed help and fast. I had the good fortune of hearing Dr. David Klein on a web teleconference speaking about Healing the Gut and speaking about his book, Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s. I felt immediately guided to buy and read the book and contacted Dr. Klein. He guided me with the Natural Hygiene Vegan Healing Diet Plan.

I had been on a vegan mostly raw diet for 16 years. While reading Dr. Klein’s book and while on his program I realized that I had been eating too many nuts, cooked oils and improper food combinations. Through Dr. Klein’s guidance I also went off herbal laxatives. After seven weeks on the Natural Hygiene Vegan Healing Diet Plan, the condition and symptoms were gone.

In gratitude,

Mary Saint-Marie

We Possess Self-healing Bodies and Were Not Meant to Suffer!

We Possess Self-healing Bodies and Were Not Meant to Suffer!

by Dr. David Klein, author of Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center.

We were not designed or born into this world to be sick with inflamed bowels. Our genes do not cause us to become sick with inflammatory bowel disease, but, rather, our diets, lifestyles and thoughts are the causes—and they can all be corrected and we can and will heal if we implement the right healing plan.

The body is a perfectly designed self-healing organism. Bowel inflammation is not a runaway problem but a sign that the body has been harmed and is vigorously attempting to heal itself, and it will gratefully do so if the causes of disease are discontinued and the biological requisites of health are provided. The solution to bowel disease is to identify the harmful factors, discontinue them and implement a new healthful lifestyle with health-promoting practices.

A few million people have done this, overcoming all kinds of debilitating disease conditions, including inflammatory and irritable bowel diseases—and so can you! Contrary to conventional belief, there is no mystery behind why we become sick and there is no lack of understanding of how to overcome disease, heal and rejuvenate. Those who have applied the Natural Hygiene system of self-healthcare have overcome diseases which include colitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, ileitis, irritable bowel syndrome and every other gastrointestinal malady humanity has ever experienced, including some cases of cancer.

My book Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s a specialized Hygienic healing plan for those who wish to overcome bowel disease and create disease-free vigorous health. All of this information is not based upon theories or anything that the author invented. Hygienic healing, i.e., cooperating with nature, removing the causes of disease and fulfilling our biological requisites for health, is the way that all creatures have always healed and recovered their health.

By deeply delving into these new teachings, letting go of erroneous beliefs, and embracing a new naturally healthful course of action, anyone can dramatically improve his or her condition, and most can go on to master their health and avoid inflammatory bowel problems for the rest of their lives.

With proper understanding, help and passionate intention, the goal of disease-free health can be achieved. It takes dedication, work and patience, but it only gets better and better when one immerses oneself in it mind, body and soul. I know—I did it, over 2,000 of my clients have done it, and I will be glad to help you or yours get well and stay well!

The Gastrointestinal Health Solution: Natural Hygiene Education

The Gastrointestinal Health Solution:
Natural Hygiene Education

by Dr. David Klein
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

The gastrointestinal health of people in modern societies worldwide is staggeringly poor, due mainly to haphazard eating routines including overindulgence in fatty and starchy comfort foods, processed, low-nutrient junk snacks, stimulant drinks and out-of-control high-stress lifestyles.

It’s incredibly sad that people routinely poison themselves many times each day with every meal and snack. Well over 50% of our population suffer with digestive maladies and accept them as normal. People routinely pop antacid pills, take prescription and nonprescription “stomach medicines,” laxatives and a plethora of other remedies, washing them down with toxic food fare and believing there is nothing they can or should do to change their eating habits.

Meanwhile, the prevailing dietary messages coming from today’s medical doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, nurses and even most health gurus is conflicting, confusing, often destructive and downright ignorant of our true digestive health needs as dictated by the sciences of biology and physiology.

Dr. Andrew Weil recently wrote: “Unfortunately, too many Americans are taking a dubious shortcut to digestive health: GI medication use has jumped dramatically in recent years. One in ten Americans was prescribed at least one GI medication on an outpatient basis in 2007 (the most recent year for which figures are available) compared to 1 in 15 in 1997. Such medications often do more harm than good—masking imbalances that can lead to more serious conditions, and causing numerous side effects, including lower B12 levels, increased risk of fractures and even increased risk of infections.”

Then what is the answer? Health education based in Hygienic science. i.e., Natural Hygiene—the science and fine art of of living healthfully in accord with the Laws of Nature.

Over the past two centuries, Natural Hygiene educators and doctors have been teaching biologically correct dietary practices based on an accurate understanding of our biological constitution and physiological needs and limitations. It is a proven, yet not commonly accepted fact, that we are constitutionally frugivores. I.e., we are designed to thrive on a simple, whole food, vegan diet of mostly fruit. We can eat omnivorously, but that invariably leads to disease and suffering.

Despite prevailing anti-fruit sentiment and the limited experiences of those who shun fruits because of their brief, unfavorable experiences eating them as part of their haphazard unnatural diets, fruit has proven to be the most nutritious and health-promoting food when appropriate fruits are eaten in a proper manner as part of a wholistic health program. How we eat is as important as what we eat, even when it comes to “health foods.” This is indeed controversial—but we can all prove these assertions for ourselves and enjoy the liberating results.

Healthful eating guidelines for promoting perfect digestion and gastrointestinal health have been established long ago. Special care protocol for the reversal of common g.i. maladies, including the diseases considered “incurable” by modern medicine, have been taught by a small enlightened body of Hygienic practitioners (including myself), and we have helped a few million overcome every sort of g.i. disease condition. The healthful eating and natural healing guidelines I speak of are actually very simple, and after a brief study soon resonate as common sense; they are contained in many books on the subject of Natural Hygiene and are actually derived from physiology books, the empirical experiences of Natural Hygiene practitioners, and those who have healed g.i. diseases and resurrected their health (as I did).

In short, the basics of healthful eating for perfect digestion entail: appropriate natural vegan food selection, simple food preparation, proper food combining, thorough chewing, eating only up to (and not beyond) the point of satiation, and proper food sequencing. The protocol for healing digestive diseases varies and needs to be carefully evaluated and implemented based upon the individual’s health history, condition and needs. In general, the healing approaches may include water fasting, juice dieting, carefully selected, simple, digestible meals of mostly or all raw foods, steamed plant foods, and abundant rest.

The guidelines and general healing protocol I speak of are taught in my two books: Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and Digestion Perfection. For less than the cost of a week’s worth of medicines, people can invest in those health education tools and, in most cases, learn how to quickly set themselves free of the tyranny of medications, doctor visits, soaring health insurance bills and chronic g.i. miseries. The time-honored teachings of Natural Hygiene and my 26 years of experience in the field of g.i. health, including my work wherein I have helped over 2,000 clients efficiently heal a wide variety of g.i. and related health afflictions, are contained in my two books. For those who need guidance with their healing process, I am available to provide counseling by phone, Skype, e-mail and in person. No one need suffer with any g.i. ailment, for the solutions are known and readily available to all!

Now more than ever, these words of wisdom ring true:

“The best part of every man’s education is that which he gives to himself.” -Sir Walter Scott

“Education is the instruction of the intellect in the laws of nature.” -Thomas Henry Huxley

It is true: it all starts with health education, i.e., true, natural, accurate health education, as taught in Natural Hygiene. I can guarantee you will discover that the absolute best health assurance and insurance is an accurate education in physiology, natural nutrition, health and self-healing.

Here’s to your perfect g.i. health and happiness!

The University of Natural Health is Now the #1 Natural Health Degree School

I’ve been talking with Dr. Paul Fanny, President of the University of Natural Health and hearing wonderful things. His university has overtaken Clayton as the #1 natural health degree school in the US. The curriculum is pure Natural Hygiene (which is what saved my life and what I teach), and its grads have greater success in helping people get well than any other counselors and doctors. If you are contemplating an advanced degree for creating a highly successful career in the natural health field, the University of Natural Health is undoubtedly the best choice.

David Klein, Ph.D., H.D.
Class of ’06
Admissions Director

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