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University of Natural Health – Holistic Health Degree Online School

UNH-banner7Higher Education — Your Ticket to Success in the Holistic Health Field

by David Klein, Ph.D., H.D.

Would you like to create a superior and truly fulfilling career as a holistic natural health professional, helping people to become truly healthy? Can you imagine yourself helping thousands of people while living your true purpose in life? Can you picture the joy and satisfaction this would bring to you and those you care about? My Ph.D. / Hygienic Doctor degree from the University of Natural Health has made all of that a reality in my life. The University of Natural Health is a holistic health degree online school.

The greatest preparation for becoming a highly effective health educator, counselor and/or doctor is the personal experience gained in overcoming illness and building new health via the tenets of Natural Hygiene. I was provided with this experience.  Desperately searching for a solution to a long, devastating illness, in 1983 I discovered a Doctor of Natural Hygiene, Dr. Laurence Galant. He eventually helped me resurrect and reclaim my life.  With his assistance, and my studies of several Natural Hygiene books written by Drs. Herbert M. Shelton and T. C. Fry, I learned what I consider my primary life lessons.

Upon healing and creating a new healthful lifestyle, Dr. Galant urged me to take the Life Science Institute’s “Natural Hygiene Course.” I ordered all 108 lessons and studied them diligently, with no other purpose than health maintenance. The foundation for my knowledge of health science was laid by my study of that course, a few books by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton and magazines by Dr. T. C. Fry. I resumed my career in environmental engineering and didn’t envision ever becoming a natural health counselor or doctor.

When I expressed to Dr. Galant my belief that there was no future for me in holistic natural health education, he said: “David, with your rare information and wisdom, some day people will be flocking to you for help—you’ll be magnetic!” Still, I could not see it. But, from the moment I began my natural healing, I had a burning passion to shout out the healing wonders of Natural Hygiene to the entire world; I wanted everyone to overcome their suffering via natural living.

That passion simmered for years and, eventually, could not be contained. After I was laid off my last engineering job in 1992, health education became my new pursuit, and in 2006 my career was capped with a Ph.D. in Natural Healing and Health and a Hygienic Doctor degree from the University of Natural Health. My health counseling career exploded forth via those prestigious credentials, and I have made a good living as a self-employed natural health counselor and entrepreneur, even in these tough economic times. Dr. Galant was right!

What is Natural Hygiene and what is so special about it? “Hygiene” is literally “health.” “Natural Hygiene” is the science and fine art of holistic, natural, healthful living. There are many approaches and “schools” of health, but the true nature of holistic natural health is presented in only one system or curriculum of study: Natural Hygiene. Based upon an accurate understanding of physiology, biology and a huge, time-honored body of empirical evidence, Natural Hygiene teaches us the Natural Laws of Life—i.e., the nature and purpose of disease, how to restore health and how to live in optimum wellness. Natural Hygiene counselors have the greatest success in helping people recover from illness and create truly vibrant health.

You can create a truly rewarding career as a health professional, whether in the healing arts, as an educator, counselor, doctor or a combination of these. You can help those challenged with illness to become truly healthy and free of medical and other therapeutic misadventures by understanding and exploiting their own self-healing powers. You can build up your practice to a level where people are flocking to you, even in lean economic times, because you’ve earned a reputation for helping a multitude of people effectively overcome disease without shortcuts, gimmicks, products or other delusional and expensive practices. You can help them resurrect their lives and feel new joie de vivre. You can feel great about a career wherein you truly help people, serving as a model for the best that a doctor can be. (Remember: the true definition of “doctor” is “teacher”.)

If you are truly passionate about a career in the field of natural health, a degree in Natural Health from the world’s only college and university offering a complete post-secondary, distance learning, degree curriculum in Natural Hygiene will be the best move you could possibly make. For a most successful health education or counseling career, learn the absolute truth about health from a Hygienic institution such as the College of Natural Health or the University of Natural Health. Empowered with a proper education in health science, you’ll be immeasurably more effective in helping people become and stay well in comparison to those who follow any other “school of health,” no matter how time-honored and popular it may be.

Natural Hygiene is timeless—it is simply the one and only science of holistic natural health. It stands alone as the proven way to help people, because it is the study and application of the biological laws of Nature. This course of study is the most empowering and yields the best results. Our clients love us because we teach the truth, they get results beyond their expectations, they save bundles of money, overcome suffering and sing new songs of joy.When our clients learn Nature’s laws and provide the true requisites of health, they unerringly meet with healing success and create happy outcomes. Now, that’s the hallmark of a truly excellent and fulfilling career!

If you’d like to learn more, I and my colleague, University of Natural Health President Dr. Paul Fanny, will be happy to speak with you about your career goals and higher education interests. Please visit the University of Natural Health introductory page at and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Bananas: The Ideal Food For Healing Colitis & Crohn’s

SHCC-4th-cvr-3.5-inBananas: The Ideal Food For Healing Colitis & Crohn’s
by Dr. T. C. Fry
Adapted from Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s 4th Edition by Dr. David Klein


Bananas deserve the highest rank as food for humans. They are among the oldest foods of humans and has been treasured for its deliciousness. For healing inflammatory bowel diseases, ripe organic bananas rank as the #1 most beneficial food. Eaten whole or sliced, mashed or blended with water or fresh-made non-acidic fruit juice and fresh-made celery and lettuce juice, bananas promote healing. The nutritional and soothing healing power of a home-made smoothie made from ripe bananas, dates, apple-celery-lettuce juice or grape-celery-lettuce juice is unsurpassed by any natural or man-made concoction man ever came up with.

The ancients referred to the banana plant as the “Paradise Tree” and its fruit as the “fruit of paradise.” Never has there been a more apropos description of a food. Bananas are one of our most important foods and deserve a far greater role in our diet—in fact, they should be our foremost item of diet as they are with many tropical peoples, who also eat other tropical fruits such as breadfruit, jakfruit, coconut, mango, etc.

We are a class of frugivores that achieved our high development with fruits of the tree as the bulk of our diet. Fruits of the tree in our pristine habitat were mostly sweet fruits such as bananas, figs, grapes and dates.

In its general suitability and beneficence in the human diet, few foods approach the banana. It is, ecologically and biologically, our most ideal food. Dates, figs, grapes, melons and oranges, quite common foods, deserve a place in our diet, but in the final analysis, the banana wins on practically every count: economy, nutrition, convenience, plenitude, deliciousness, etc. Apples are a wholesome food, but they are woefully deficient in protein, having only 0.2% by dry weight and then only two or three of the essential amino acids, whereas bananas have all the essential amino acids and have about 5.2% protein dry weight.

Bananas are available all through the year. It is best to buy them organically 
grown and green for ripening at home, where ripening conditions can be controlled—you can try putting them in a brown paper bag overnight, and expose them to air during the day. Commercially grown bananas are usually picked long before they are ripe and nutritionally mature, and “gassed” with ethylene to facilitate ripening, as well as treated with such toxic chemicals as methyl bromide and aldicarb. Ethylene is the naturally occurring ripening gas produced by fruits; it is commercially synthesized by pyrolysis of hydrocarbons. Some organically grown bananas may also be gassed with ethylene, so your best chance for getting ungassed organic bananas may be to get them green. It also behooves you to ask your produce supplier if the bananas have been gassed, and to request ungassed organic bananas.

Select bananas free from surface bruises, with skin intact at both tips. Ripen at room temperature. When the skin is bright yellow speckled with brown, the starch has changed to fruit sugar, and the fruit will be tender sweet, and easy to digest. Fruit that ripens with brown speckles may not have been gassed, as I have been told that gassed bananas ripen with dark streaks and blotches instead of the brown speckles. I have found that speckled fruit is uniformly delightful in taste, so I am inclined to give some credence to this speculation.

I stress bananas as a major item in the diet primarily for reasons of overall goodness, availability and economy. It is of course beneficial to include other fruits as food, such as fresh figs, dates, grapes or some other highly nutritious fruits, plus greens, some sea soft vegetables and nuts (after inflammation has ceased).

Humans are frugivores to their very cores! We’ll do best if we respect our natural disposition. The banana is one of the ideal foods in the human diet.

Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Natural Hygiene: The Science and Fine Art of Healthful Living

Natural Hygiene: The Science and Fine Art of Healthful Living

by Dr. T. C. Fry and Dr. David Klein

Excerpted from Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s by Dr. David Klein
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

Natural Hygiene, or Healthful Living, is the art and science of living healthfully in accord with our natural biological heritage. Natural Hygiene embodies those principles which guide us to correct living practices. It is a health system of cooperating with Nature to allow our self-healing powers to fully express themselves, enabling the body to rejuvenate and establish its highest level of health. “Hygiene” literally means “the science of health.”

Natural Hygiene is about enhancing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being through education and right living. It provides us with a simple, wholistic, living awareness system for regaining and maintaining superb human health and beauty. Hygiene is personally empowering and liberating. It teaches independence and rational action. It banishes fear and ignorance regarding human health and how to keep it. Ultimately, it is about freedom.

Natural Hygiene always refers to nature as its mentor and teacher. When wholistic, comprehensive understanding is required, one must refer back to nature in its pristine majesty as the final authority. Because present-day life seems to be losing touch with those conditions which made life possible, Natural Hygiene brings us “back to the garden,” so to speak. We should strive to meet life’s requirements, and to smoothly balance them in all aspects so that we can easily lead a joyous and fulfilling existence.

Natural Hygiene concerns itself with those principles and truths applicable to human life so that we may wisely apply them to our lives. We are of the firm conviction that only by living healthfully can we realize the loftiest joys, peace of mind and blissful connection with all of creation which is our birthright.
Animals in nature are creatures of instinct. Following the guidance of instinct, they are correctly self-directed to meet their needs. They thrive optimally in accord with their environmental and genetic possibilities. Discovering and attuning to our natural instincts is part and parcel of Natural Hygiene. Our inborn guiding instincts always tend toward healthful and constructive living when they are unclouded and given proper attention. It is ignorance of our instincts and the laws of life that creates our sickness and suffering.

In presenting the concept that health is normal and natural, Natural Hygienists emphatically refute the idea that disease is inevitable in our lives. We contend that disease will not occur unless there is sufficient cause. Health maintenance is an unceasing process in every organism. When the organism is overwhelmed by toxic substances beyond its ability to eliminate them in normal course, the body institutes emergency action to effect expulsion of the toxic burden. This crisis is called “sickness” or “disease.” Toxic materials accumulate in the body from two sources: 1. from unexpelled body wastes that are endogenously generated as a normal part of our metabolism, and 2. from exogenous materials ingested and partially or wholly retained due to inability to cope with the eliminative load.

All the needs of normal physiology are present in states of disease and are required to be supplied to the end that organic and functional integrity may be preserved or restored. No piecemeal plan of care can possibly succeed in restoring health. Hygienic care comprehends not only a regulation of the diet, but a synthesis and coordination of all the factor elements of normal living: drinking, breathing, sunning, temperature, clothing, exercise, rest, sleep, emotional factors, etc. Nothing short of a total regulation of the way of life can produce ideal results.

All processes of recovery or healing are but extensions and modifications of the processes that preserve health. The materials and processes employed in caring for the sick must be in consonance with physiology and compatible with all other useful measures. A sane method of caring for the sick will not force the body to utilize substances that are not subject to its metabolic processes.

Our biological nature, i.e., the make-up (structure, function and living essence) of our bodies, determines our needs and how we should meet them. Health is our natural state of being. Disease processes (or illnesses) are perfectly natural responses enacted by the body for the purpose of detoxifying, rebalancing, adapting to harmful influences and healing. The condition of health (or wellness) is only achieved by living healthfully, i.e., satisfying our mental/emotional/physiological/spiritual needs.

The Hygienic health system of self-healing has a 200-year track record, establishing it as the most effective healing system ever known to man. The true Hygienic art consists of applying to the living system whatever materials and conditions it can use under the circumstances, and not in the administration of poisons which it must resist and expel. Drugs are themselves causes of disease and produce disease whenever given. They cure nothing. The drug system endeavors to make the sick well by administering poisons which make well persons sick.

Natural Hygiene, on the contrary, restores the sick to health by the means that preserve health in well persons. Disease is caused by violations of the laws and conditions of life. The Hygienic System stops the violations and supplies healthful conditions. Drug medication adds to the causes of destruction and metamorphoses acutely into chronic disease where it does not kill outright. The attempt to cure disease by adding to its causes is irrational and absurd. Hygienic care involves the proper use of all Hygienic materials and influences of nature but rejects all poisons. There is, therefore, between the Hygienic System and the Drug System an irrepressible conflict. If one is true, the other is false.

We must eliminate the dead weight of false knowledge and ideas that we carry with us each moment. Using treatments, drugs, herbs, or anything else abnormal and unnatural to the body can interfere with healthful body functions but, under no circumstances, can these agencies heal the body. Because these devitalizing agencies depress and suppress symptoms (or evidences) of body healing efforts, and because the body discontinues vital activities to contend with these agencies, which makes the symptoms disappear, the anti-vital effects of drugs and treatments are mistaken for healing effects. Nothing but the body can heal itself.

The Healthful Living Credo of Life

Attuning to our natural instincts and aligning with Nature is part and parcel of Healthful Living. We are of the firm conviction that only by living healthfully can we realize the loftiest joys and destiny which are our birthright. Two centuries of unfailing results have proven Healthful Living, which is synonymous with Natural Hygiene, to be the true science of health and the greatest healthful living practice humanity has ever known.

Healthful Living holds that life should be meaningful and filled with beauty, love, kindness, goodness and happiness.

Healthful Living holds that we are naturally good, righteous, loving, sharing and virtuous, and that our exalted character will manifest under ideal life conditions.

Healthful Living holds that superlative well-being is normal to our existence and is necessary to the achievement of our highest potential.

Healthful Living holds that supreme human excellence can be realized only in those who embrace those precepts and practices which are productive of superb well-being.

Healthful Living, which encompasses all that bears upon human well-being, and which bases itself soundly upon the human biological and spiritual heritage, constitutes the way to realize the highest possible order of human existence.

Healthful Living is in harmony with nature, in accord with the principles of vital organic existence, correct in science, sound in philosophy, ethics, environment, economics, and animal rights, agreement with common sense, successful in practice and a blessing to humankind.

Healthful Living recognizes that the human body is self-constructing, having developed from a fertilized ovum, that it is self-preserving, that it is self-defending and, through the mighty power and intelligence that constructed it, totally self-cleansing and self-repairing.

Healthful Living recognizes that the body maintains itself in perfect health, completely free of disease, if its needs are correctly met.

Healthful Living recognizes that humans are biologically and anatomically frugivores and are constitutionally, anatomically and aesthetically adapted to a diet primarily of fruits and, secondarily, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Ideally, they must be eaten in the fresh, raw, natural state in combinations that are compatible in 
digestive chemistry.

Healthful Living recognizes that diseases are caused by the body in response to improper life practices, especially dietary indiscretions. Illness proceeds from reduced nerve energy and consequent toxicosis from internally generated wastes, from ingested substances bearing or begetting toxicity, or from a combination of both. Insufficient nerve energy arises from dissipation, stress, overindulgence, excess or deficiency of the normal essentials of life, or not normal to it. Accordingly, recovery from sickness can be achieved only by removing the causes and establishing conditions favorable to recovery.

Healthful Living recognizes that a thoroughgoing rest, which includes fasting (physical, emotional, sensory, and physiologic rest), is the most favorable condition under which an ailing body can purify and restore itself.

Healthful Living, which teaches that exalted well-being can be attained and maintained only through biologically correct living practices, is not in any sense a healing art or a curing cult. It regards as mistaken and productive of much grief the idea that disease can be prevented or overcome by agencies abnormal to our natural being. Consequently, Healthful Living emphatically rejects drugs, medications, vaccinations and treatments because they undermine health by suppressing, disrupting or destroying vital body processes, functions, cells and tissues.

Therefore, Healthful Living regards body and mind as the inviolable sanctuary of an individual’s being. Healthful Living holds that everyone has an inalienable right to have a pure and uncontaminated body, to be free of abnormal compulsions and restraints, and to be free to meet his or her needs as a responsible member of society.

The Prime Requisites of Health

1. Love of Self
2. Healthy Self-image and Esteem
3. Passionate Love of All Life
4. Awareness
5. Intention
6. Inner Focus/Listening
7. Abidance by the Senses and Intuition
8. True Knowledge
9. Graceful, Grateful, Respectful, Generous Attitude
10. Organic, Properly-combined Vegan Diet
11. Pure Water
12. Pure Air
13. Sunshine
14. Warm Climate
15. Fitness and Posture
16. Security and Peace of Mind
17. Rejuvenative Rest and Sleep
18. Heart-centered Self Nurturing
19. Sharing of Love
20. Relaxation
21. Humor
22. Creative Expression
23. Emotional Flow and Release
24. Rhythmic Movement
25. Musical Indulgence
26. Simple Lifestyle
27. Communing With Nature

Stomach Ulcers: Causes & Natural Solutions

Stomach Ulcers: Causes & Natural Solutions

by David Klein, Ph.D., H.D.
Director, Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center
Author of Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s
and Digestion Perfection


Stomach ulcers can evolve in various sizes, from tiny pinholes to much larger raw patches. Some are extremely painful, while some are painful part of the time. Most secrete pus. Some bleed and some do not.

Stomach ulcers typically begin with mental-emotional and dietary stress, causing stomach irritation then damage which can escalate to ulcerations. Stomach ulcerations are open sores at damaged points on the inner stomach wall. When the blood stream is toxic (a condition known as “toxemia”), the body tends to offload toxins and dead white blood cells (pus) through ulcer openings. Chronic stomach ulcerations result in induration (scarring), stomach malfunction and, in the last stage of some cases, cancer.

All of these conditions, except for extreme induration and the last stages of cancer, can be easily healed and normal stomach function can be regained under a proper, hygienic, natural dietary healing program.

The Common Causes of Stomach Ulcers

Extreme Mental-Emotional Stress
When we are under duress, the entire alimentary canal and the digestive and elimination systems will under-function or completely shut down—food will not digest or travel through the stomach properly; digestive enzyme secretion will be weak and stomach mixing motions and emptying will be curtailed. Under this scenario, food is retained in the stomach for excessive durations, and it will warm up and decompose, releasing harmful chemicals which can damage the stomach lining.

Malnutrition in the Form of Low or Absent Nutrient Intake
Common modern diets of conventionally-grown foods are bereft of nutrients and largely indigestible, causing under-functioning and breakdowns of bodily systems, leading to stomach malfunction and breakdown.

Incomplete Chewing
Digestion must begin in the mouth. Incomplete chewing results in solid chunks of food entering the stomach, causing the overwork and enervation (weakening) of the stomach muscle. Furthermore, when starchy foods are not chewed well, the secretion of the salivary enzymes required for their digestion will be insufficient. Insufficient chewing can result in the fermentation of starches in the stomach whereby harsh chemicals such as alcohol and vinegar will irritate and damage the stomach wall.

Too much food sitting in the stomach causes an overproduction of stomach acid which can breech the stomach’s protective mucosal lining. This is typically coupled with the fermentation of the stomach’s food contents, producing alcohol and vinegar and other harsh chemicals. This can also cause swelling, inflammation and damage to the pylorus sphincter (or valve) which can result in abnormally-long retention of the stomach’s contents. Delayed stomach emptying is known as “gastroparesis.”

Harsh Irritants
The main culprits are: strong spices such as pepper, cayenne, oregano and curries, salt, vinegar, chiles, onions, garlic, radish, arugula, mustard, wasabi, hot sauces, cooked tomato sauce, lemon and lime juice, alcohol, coffee, cola soft drinks, extremely hot soups and beverages, and drugs such as aspirin and prednisone.

Excessive Eating of High-Protein Foods, Such as Meat, Dairy, Legumes/Beans, Nuts and Seeds
Specialized stomach cells secrete acidic digestive enzymes (such as pepsin and hydrochloric acid) to break down protein. The overeating of high-protein foods forces the body to overproduce stomach acid, leading to stomach irritation as well as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Over-Consuming Orange Juice and Other Acidic Juices
In small quantities, sweet, raw, organic orange juice is normally not irritating to the stomach which is protected by its mucosal lining. Large quantities of orange juice and other other acidic beverages, such as cranberry, pineapple, pomegranate, lemonade, sodas and coffee, can be extremely damaging, leading to ulcerations.

Consuming Fatty, High-Protein Foods With Sweet or Starchy High-Carbohydrate Foods (“Bad Food Combining”)
Complex mixtures of different food groups cause gastric (stomach) irritation as such: alkaline digestive juices (enzymes, such as amylase or ptyalin) are secreted in the mouth to digest complex carbohydrates (starches); acidic digestive juices (enzymes such as pepsin and hydrochloric acid) are secreted in the stomach to digest proteins—when we eat starchy and high-protein foods together, the alkaline and acidic enzymes become mixed in the stomach and their pH’s cancel out, resulting in poor or no digestion. When we eat simple carbohydrate foods (fruits) which require little digestion time in the stomach along with fatty high-protein foods which require four or more hours of digestion time in the stomach, the fruit sugars will be retained too long, they will heat up and ferment. When the contents of the stomach cannot be digested, the proteins will putrefy and any carbohydrates will ferment, generating destructive, irritating chemicals (hydrogen sulfide, putrescine, ammonia, alcohol, vinegar, etc.). If the stomach digesta (contents) become extremely acidic and toxic causing acute pain, the body may eject it via vomiting.

Eating Too Close to Bedtime
When we go to sleep with food in our stomach, the digestion and emptying processes are greatly diminished. As such, food will be retained in the stomach and it will putrefy and ferment.

Parasites can rob us of our food and enervate and damage the stomach wall.

What About the Claim That Bacteria Cause Stomach Ulcers?

Bacteria do not cause stomach ulcers—they merely consume and degrade food matter and breed in a conducive environment, such as the overloaded stomach and bowel of a person who eats a haphazard, unnatural diet. When we correct our diet and live healthfully, the body will rid them.

The Natural Solutions

Eat Only When Truly Hungry, Poised, Alert and Pain-Free
Do no eat when extremely tired, mentally distracted, emotionally upset or when suffering with stomach or gut discomfort. Get proper dietary healing guidance when your stomach or gut are bothersome. An experienced Hygienic Doctor, such as myself, can guide you with a healing plan which suits your physiological, mental and emotional needs so that you can heal comfortably, safely and efficiently.

Eat Your Natural Biological Diet
A simple, carefully-selected, organic, fresh, low-fat, whole vegan food diet of mostly fresh, high-water-content fruits and vegetables eaten in accordance with proper food sequencing and combining is the optimal way to restore vibrant health. A broad spectrum of viable nutrients from a diet that is high in a variety of fresh, raw (uncooked), organically-grown fruits and vegetables and low in fatty high-protein foods (especially cooked ones) is essential for maintaining vibrant health. After healing, optimally, no more than 10% of our calories should come from protein or fat and 80% of our calories should come from carbohydrate. This is easy to achieve if we eat mostly fruit and raw vegetables during the morning and afternoon hours and for dinner have a raw salad with steamed vegetables, sweet potatoes and/or squash with either a small portion of starchy food (such as white potato or whole grains) or a raw fatty food (such as nuts, seeds or avocado in the whole or blended form, such as a homemade salad dressing or spread).

Chew Your Food Well
Eat slowly and thoroughly chew each mouthful of food until the solids are completely liquefied and mixed with digestive juices.

Eat Only Up to the Point of Satiation
We must eat only when truly hungry and avoid overeating. While poised and alert and eating natural foods, we can practice self-awareness and look for the “stop signal” which alerts us that we have reached the point of “satiety.” That is the sensation which tells us we have “had enough”—that is, we feel satisfied, we are no longer hungry and our digestive system can handle no more food. At that point we must obey our body’s wisdom, stop eating and put away any extra food.

Cut Out All Flavorings and Condiments and Let The Natural Flavors of Fresh, Nutritious Foods Shine Through
After a week or two of letting go of all the strong, irritating flavorings listed previously, our taste buds naturally become alive and attuned to the natural flavors in our natural diet, and we will invariably enjoy them more than the lifeless, disguised flavors of the old diets which damaged our health. Furthermore, we will start feeling much better soon, the stomach will heal and we will rejoice in the simplicity of this delicious new way of eating (which is actually human’s original way).

Adhere to Proper Food Sequencing Guidelines
The best sequencing is fruit-and-greens meals during the day, then, optionally, a glass of raw vegetable juice, followed at least one-half hour later by a dinner of a raw garden salad with or without steamed vegetables, squashes, potatoes and/or grains with or without a small portion of avocado (only after you have healed). If you have healed and desire nuts or seeds with dinner, limit them to one to two ounces and do not eat any starchy foods (potatoes or grains) at that meal. Note that after healing it is not necessary and in many cases unhealthful to eat a fatty food every day. Furthermore, it is OK to have a dinner of simply more fruit and greens.

Adhere to Proper Food Combining Guidelines
Eat simple meals and follow food combining guidelines to a “t.” Eat fruit only on an empty stomach, alone or with leafy greens, celery and/or cucumber. Eat melons alone. Do not eat any acid fruits until you are totally healed; when healed, eat them in moderation and before sweet fruits. Starchy foods (squash, potatoes, grains and old carrots) combine well with all vegetables and bell peppers; they do not combine well with tomatoes or other acidic or sweet fruits, nuts and seeds; they combine moderately well with avocado. Fatty, high-protein foods (nuts, seeds and avocados) combine well only with non-starchy vegetables (greens and celery), cucumbers and minimal amounts of acidic fruits including tomatoes; they do not combine well with starchy or non-acidic sweet foods.

Eat Your Last Meal of the Day No Sooner Than Three Hours Before Bedtime
Assure that the contents in your stomach have been predigested and have had sufficient time to become completely digested in your small intestine. This will promote optimum nutritional benefits and sound, restorative sleep. When we need to heal an illness, we need a simple digestible diet, plentiful rest and at least nine hours of sleep per night.

Allow Your Body to Cleanse Itself (Detoxify) Naturally
It is a dangerous mistake to fight parasites and overgrowths of fungi and even bacteria which are commonly believed to be harmful with drugs, chemical remedies, herbs and other modalities. The human body is a self-cleansing, self-purifying, self-repairing marvel. If we fight invaders with toxic chemicals, we are risking great harm and wasting our time and money. We must not get fooled into believing in remedial “cures.” We must not try to kill anything in our body or use harsh flushing agents. Only health-building practices which support self-healing can assure us of safe and efficient health restoration results. Antibiotics are similar to insecticides and herbicides—they have ruined many people’s health and severely shortened many lives. So-called “natural” herbal remedies and the like may be less toxic than pharmaceuticals; however, they are still toxic and cause damage and weaken our entire organism. Flushing concoctions and drugs are also extremely dangerous—they can cause great harm to the liver and trigger new health problems. The body cleanses (detoxifies) best and most safely when for a period of time we take complete rest and consume a simple high-water content diet of appropriate simple fruits and vegetables with no fatty foods. Drinking several glasses of water before breakfast and between meals is also vital. Toxic invaders, old stores of toxic matter and chemicals and excess deposits of unhealthy fat will be eliminated, damaged and inferior cells and most or all scar tissues will be broken down and replaced with new functional cells and tissues, organs will heal, bodily energy will rise, vitality will soar, and we will gain an ecstatic sense of well-being and happiness on a lifelong healthful living program of eating our natural, most nutritious biological diet. It’s a sure thing!

Water Fasting
Water fasting—a complete physiological rest while living on only purified water—is the fastest and most efficient way to self-heal. In severe cases of gastrointestinal disease, a supervised water fast may be crucial for the restoration of health. We must learn when to fast and when not to fast, how to fast correctly and how to properly break a fast. The first steps are to read Fasting Can Save Your Life by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton and consult a Hygienic Doctor who specializes in water fasting and assure you get the proper care when undergoing a water fast. Improper water fasting can be very dangerous. Please do not undertake a water fast longer than one day without professional guidance from a qualified Hygienic Doctor.

Where Can One Obtain the Right Literature on Healthful Eating and Natural Self-Healing?

Please visit the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center’s online bookstore at The titles I most highly recommend are:

Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s by Dr. David Klein
Digestion Perfection by Drs. Herbert M. Shelton. T.C. Fry and David Klein
Raw Revelation by Drs. T.C. Fry and David Klein
Self Healing Power! by Drs. Herbert M. Shelton, T.C. Fry and David Klein
Fasting Can Save Your Life by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
Vibrance Magazine by Dr. David Klein

Who Has the Specialized Knowledge to Guide People With Stomach Ulcers and Other Related Diseases to New Vibrant Health the Natural Way?

I specialize in educational and counseling services for people afflicted with all gastrointestinal diseases via my Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center. When clients have special needs, I work in concert with a gastroenterologist associate and doctors at a medically-staffed Hygienic fasting center who totally support the self-healing approach. I primarily counsel people worldwide who have gastrointestinal problems by phone five days a week. Please visit my websites and contact me. I will be glad to help you or yours overcome illness and attain disease- and drug-free vibrant health and happiness the natural way.

The human body is a self-healing marvel, and you’ll be astounded by how well it will heal given the proper conditions of health. It’s easy and it’s our God-given gift! Let’s put the right plan into action and set you or yours on the speediest self-healing path today!

Yours for vibrant health and happiness,

Dr. David Klein
Paia, Hawaii, USA

Medicines: The so-called “side effects” are perfumed language for poison effects!

Medicines: The so-called “side effects” are perfumed language for poison effects!
by Dr. T.C. Fry

Americans send trainloads of poisons down their throats and permit themselves to be injected with them. They permit this simply because they are sold on the ideas of “curing” and on “medicines as curing substances.” In the drugstore, these substances are contained in bottles, boxes and flasks, some of which were originally introduced bearing a skull and crossbones. But in the sickroom, they are introduced as “medicines.” Iodine, potassium, mercury, arsenic, quinine, prussic acid, strychnine, aspirin, sulfonamides, antibiotics, cortisone, etc. are labeled poisons in the drugstore, but when put up in ampules or draughts, pills, powders and boxes to be given to the sick, they are no longer labeled as poisons—they are now called “medicines” and are administered to “cure” disease.

The term “medicine” helps to blind the patient as to the true character of the poison being administered as a “cure.” By the physician’s hocus-pocus and tomfoolery, deadly drugs “magically” become lifesaving elixirs. Imagine if physicians were required to be honest and say: “I am going to give you a dose of this poison three times a day. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to switch you to a more powerful poison.” Would you or anyone else continue to patronize physicians? No, you would not! Only by the deception of words, of names, do we accept poisons prescribed for us.

No wonder then that “medicines” have so many “side effects” or “adverse reactions.” Actually, these are the regular poison effects of these drugs called “medicines.” At least 5,000,000 people each year are poisoned so seriously by their physicians that they are hospitalized! At least 200,000 die. The so-called “side effects” are perfumed language for poison effects! People cannot be poisoned into health! Poisons add problems instead of solving them.

To regain health, the ill must be furnished with the materials and influences that enable the body to purify and repair itself. The notion that health can be restored by poisons, even if called “medicines,” is pure nonsense. The idea that diseases can be prevented or overcome by agents that are poisonous to the body is mistaken and produces untold grief. Such beliefs are unworthy of thinking men and women.

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