Why I Don’t Miss Meat & Why Ulcerative Colitis is Gone Forever

Why I Don’t Miss Meat & Why Ulcerative Colitis is Gone Forever

by David Klein, Ph.D., Naturorthopathoic Doctor
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center
Skype: drdaveklein

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Thirty-one years ago, after an eight-year tragedy with ulcerative colitis, I saw the light and healed up my bloody ulcerated colon in four short weeks, after a gastroenterologist said it must be removed. My new life began with an explosion of joy which has not yet waned, and an indomitable passion to educate everyone else about healing.

The basis of my amazing healing and rejuvenation was Natural Hygiene (healthful living, or life science) education. The keys were:

1. The revelation that my body is designed to eat a vegan diet of mainly fruits and vegetables, and that diet would enable my body to detoxify the poisons that caused the inflammatory disease, and supply it with the nutrients needed to heal and generate my colon, and build superior health.

2. The understanding that my meat-based diet was the primary cause of my gut disease. I understood that cooked dead animal parts rot (putrefy) in my bowels, generating a host of virulent toxins and imparting destructive acidity. This enervates the bowel, poisons the bloodstream and causes systemic toxicosis, inflammation and gut dysfunction. In short, meat CAUSED my inflammatory bowel disease, so I STOPPED THE CAUSE.

3. I envisioned my bowels and tissues cleaning out the putrid morbid wastes of my toxic diet and becoming pure, and my entire being becoming healed and happy with nothing but pure digested, harmless fruits and vegetables in my bowel, and my bloodstream pure.

4. I understood that an enormous amount of energy would be liberated for my body to heal and rebuild an all-new clean body, no longer constantly burdened by a huge toxic load which affected my brain chemistry and made me miserable.

5. I saw the path to vibrant health and happiness, and during the four weeks of my healing, day by day I felt better and better, happier and happier, and finally overjoyed with my new healthful life anchored by the most naturally delicious and liberating foods on God’s Earth.

That amazing process of rejuvenation began at age 26. Before day one, I felt like I was 126. Now, at age 57, I feel something like 27. And I LOVE every bit of my raw-vegan fruit-vegetable-nut-seed diet! Our taste buds are corrupted by other diets; once you get into it, this one is the MOST delicious and satisfying of them all.

I do not miss meat! It made me tired, sluggish, smelly, toxic, sick, miserable and lost. I stopped eating meat one day 31 years ago and I would never go back to the killer of my dreams, my life, my happiness.

If an animal is slaughtered, it is not going to end up rotting in my body—my temple of health. If an animal dies, it should return to the soil. If an animal is boiled, roasted, barbecued, microwaved or fried, it is at least 100 times more indigestible and toxic than before, and it will poison the body and cause any of hundreds of disease conditions, or really just the one that covers them all: toxicosis. Heated animal meat is downright carcinogenic. Read Diet, Nutrition and Cancer by Dr. T. Colin Campbell et al. to learn about the carcinogenic result of cooking foods.

When anyone eats any kind of animal, they are poisoning their body, and setting up disease and suffering. They are also mindlessly contributing to the paradigm of killing and disrespect for all of life, which is the ugliest of all human traits, and the one which is the reason why men have been constantly warring since ancient times.

My body makes its own flesh, it’s own protein, blood and bones, from fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. They all furnish the building block of protein: amino acids. The body makes ALL of its protein from amino acids. It doesn’t need dead animal parts to do this. Cooking actually destroys animal protein, rendering it unusable by the body.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are my diet. Meat is not food for me, and, really, meat is not a true healthful food for any human being. Fruit is my primary food. It keeps me clean, energized, youthful, keen, inspired and happy. Nothing tastes better than sweet, luscious fruit!

When I want something fatty, small amounts of avocado, nuts and germinated seeds do it for me, with far far better results than meat. You can say that avocados, nuts and seeds are my new “meats.” But I anchor my diet with luscious fruits, because nothing satisfies the body and soul better. My protein level and strength are just fine.

Humans are frugivores (fruit eaters). Our naturally most healthful diet is the fruitarian diet: fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Our most healing diet is sweet fruits. Humans will only thrive eating our natural diet, the one which digests perfectly and imparts no toxicity. Everyone can do this and thrive like never before.



  1. What are your main protein sources in your diet? I’ve also suffered with digestive issues and have had to change my diet.

    • Hello! All living plants contain protein. Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s teaches a vegan diet which, as blood tests confirm, has all the protein we need. Contrarily, cooked meat and beans have low value protein. Heating them destroys most protein and makes those foods downright toxic, which is the major cause of colitis and Crohn’s. Apply the Vegan Healing Diet Plan Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and you will detox, heal and feel better than ever. 99.9% of my clients heal. I healed 31 years ago and feel like I’m 20. Order at http://www.colitisandcrohnscenter.com and call me to discuss.

      Best healthful wishes,

      David Klein, Ph.D., Nauturorthopathic Doctor
      Director, Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center
      Ph: 808-572-0861
      Skype: drdaveklein
      PO Box 791241 Paia, HI 96779

      Please see http://colitisandcrohnscenter.com/counseling/fee-schedules/

      To receive a Health Questionnaire by e-mail, please request.

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